50 years of

Doctor Who

There have been 798 episodes, the show is broadcast in more than 50 countries worldwide and we are about to greet the 12th incarnation of the Doctor and fans around the globe are preparing for the much-anticipated 50th anniversary special. Here we look back at 50 years of Doctor Who.

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The sci-fi shows of the 1950s had children peeping through their fingers, with Quatermass on the BBC and Pathfinders in Space on the other side both captivating audiences.

From these humble beginnings came what is largely considered to be Britain’s finest TV shows, Doctor Who.

The idea came about in 1962 when the BBC’s head of drama, Canadian Sydney Newman, who had been responsible for bringing us Pathfinders in Space, needed a Saturday-night teatime show the family could watch together.

The winning idea featured a mysterious time-traveller known only as The Doctor, his somewhat-unusual granddaughter Susan and two of her teachers: Ian Chesterton and Barbara Wright. William Hartnell, 55, took the lead role.

The Doctor – an alien known as a Time Lord – whisked them all away to the Stone Age, where they were caught up in a power struggle within a tribe.

One episode in the four-part series drew a staggering 6.9million viewers.

The unforgettable theme tune was composed by Ron Grainer (also responsible for Steptoe and Son and The Prisoner) and created by Delia Derbyshire and Dick Mills at the BBC Radiophonic Workshop.

From that very first episode it was clear Doctor Who would was going to be a hit. Cue 50 years of inter-galactic adventures featuring aliens such as Cybermen and Sontarans.

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