Fine Young Cannibals singer Roland Gift joins Jools Holland and his Rhythm and Blues Orchestra on stage at the Ipswich Regent tonight.

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“It’s been a lot of fun. It’s a really well run outfit, it’s great because I’m not having to organise anything, I’m just turning up and doing my thing; it’s like a holiday,” he laughs.

Fans can look forward to I’m Not The Man I Used To Be, his favorite Cannibals song; new track Crushed and then Good Thing, which Holland played on.

Boogie-woogie piano maestro Holland will also be joined by Ruby Turner, Louise Marshall and acclaimed trombonist Rico Rodriguez.

FYC were on seminal TV music show The Tube a couple of times and filmed them performing their first single - Johnny Come Home.

“We didn’t know how good they [the times] were then. The weird thing is you get used to it very quickly,” says Gift of his FYC days.

David Steele and Andy Cox chose him to front the band after spending months listening to 500 plus cassettes of potential singers.

“They had a campaign on MTV looking for a singer but... the funny thing was in a previous group I’d supported The Beat [which included Steele and Cox]. It’s often [the way] you go looking for something but actually it’s right under your nose. I think it Andy’s or David’s girlfriend had said ‘oh what about that guy’?”

The last thing they did as a trio was The Flame in 1996 for their greatest hits collection The Finest. Any chance they might stage a comeback?

“Sometimes I have a recurring dream where that happens but I think it’s probably just going to be a dream,” he says.

In the meantime he’s splitting his time between singing and writing a new TV drama.

“It’s contemporary and involves quite a lot of music as well,” he says. Watch this space.




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