The route of the Virgin London Marathon

Marathon Route

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A mile by mile guide to the route of the marathon, including approximate times at each checkpoint for the average runner completing in four hours and 30 minutes.

Start: 09:45 - Greenwich Park: It can take a while to get away from the start, run along Charlton Way

Mile 1: 10:00 - Westcombe Hill: It's still very crowded just move slowly forward and make up lost time later.

Mile 2: 10:10 - Fairfield Grove: Just past the White Swan pub, save energy here, don't weave in and out of the crowds.

Mile 3: 10:20 - John Wilson Street: There should be a bit more room now, also take advantage that it's downhill.

Mile 4: 10:30 - Woolwich Road: Still downhill, but keep your eye on your pace, you don't want to burn out too early.

Mile 5: 10:40 - Woolwich Road: Just passed the Rose of Denmark and Pickwick pubs. Enjoy the crowd support, there are usually lots of people in this area.

Mile 6: 10:50 - Trafalfar Road: You're coming up to a busy area now as you are approaching the Cutty Sark, several pubs and entertainment.

Mile 7: 11:00 - Creek Road: Past the Cutty Sark and it should quieten down for while.

Mile 8: 11:10 - Evelyn Street: Nearly a third of the way, this is a good time to check your pace.

Mile 9: 11:20 - Canada Street: Entering Docklands for the first time, the crowds should still be quiet here, time to concentrate on your race.

Mile 10: 11:30 - Salter Road: The wind can whip up off the river around this point, run behind others and take advantage of their slipstream.

Mile 11: 11:40 - Brunel Road: Another busier area, around Rotherhithe station.

Mile 12: 11:50 - Jamaica Road: Coming up to Tower Bridge now, this is where you'll find the biggest crowds.

Mile 13: 12:00 - The Highway: Just before the half way point, a good time to access your performance so far.

Mile 14: 12:10 - Narrow Street: More than half a marathon completed, pat yourself on the back.

Mile 15: 12:20 - Westferry Road: Heading back into Docklands

Mile 16: 12:30 - Westferry Road: Ten miles to go, make sure you're pacing yourself.

Mile 17: 12:40 - East Ferry Road: Your legs will be starting to feel it by now, there's not usually much of a crowd along here to pick you up either.

Mile 18: 12:50 - Heron Quays: Heading towards Canary Wharf the crowds can start to pick up again.

Mile 19: 13:00 - Canada Square: This section holds a few twists and turns, keep an eye on your pace through here.

Mile 20: 13:10 - Poplar High Street: Another major milestone, the worst is now behind you.

Mile 21: 13:20 - Commercial Road: If your legs are starting to feel it, you can rely on the crowds to give you some encouragement.

Mile 22: 13:30 - The Highway: Going back along The Highway, as Tower Bridge and the Tower of London come into sight you realise the end is approaching.

Mile 23: 13:40 - Tower Hill: This is a lively area, lots of pubs and viewing areas. Expect lots of spectators, a cheering zone and more.

Mile 24: 13:50 - Blackfriars Underpass: A bonus here as it's slightly downhill and you can also walk or take a rest while hidden in the tunnel.

Mile 25: 14:00 - Victoria Embankment: You'll see the London Eye across the river, usually lots of noisy spectators offering lots of support.

Mile 26: 14:10 - Birdcage Walk: Buckingham Palace comes into view and the finish line is approaching.

End: 14:15 - The Mall Cross the line in style you're on TV, then take a well earned rest.



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