I UNDERSTAND the concern felt by many people in south west Ipswich about the proposals to build large wind turbines at Belstead.

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However the tactics of some campaigners are getting rather tedious – they ask questions at every borough council meeting about decisions made by a different administration four years ago and which are legally binding.

Even if the current administration wanted to reverse the decision pushed through by the Tories and Liberal Democrats (some of whose members are now wringing their hands and saying how intrusive the turbines would be) there is nothing they could do about it – at least not without reneging on a legal contract which would result in a compensation claim for hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of pounds!

Frankly the campaigners would be better advised to lobby Babergh council which will actually make the planning decision at some time in the future and Partnerships for Renewables, the company which wants to put up the turbines.

Part of the skill of running a good campaign is knowing your target – a scatter-gun approach like this rarely changes minds, and is more likely to create more hostility to the message you are trying to get across.

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  • One day, hopefully when the global warming tyrants have been shown to be wrong, the wind farms will be taken down. Without our money as subsidies they are loss-making and, in our straightened economic times, we would be better re-opening the mines and putting people to work in larger numbers. And there would be no need to blight the open sea or Belstead in the process.

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    Wednesday, December 19, 2012



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