I’M A bit puzzled, and a tad disappointed, to hear about the way the Christmas season is being launched here in Ipswich next month.

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It’s going to be a whole lot better than last year when the lights were switched on with no fanfare at all and no one seemed interested in promoting the town.

This year we have got £100,000 of new lights about to be put up, a new tinsel Christmas tree and several big events planned.

But there seems to have been a disappointing lack of co-ordination between important bodies in the town.

The borough council is working with independent company Market Square to bring a 150-stall Christmas market to the town centre, extending from the Cornhill down Princes Street and Queen Street with Santa’s grotto in Cromwell Square.

It runs from November 15 to 18.

The lights will be up by then – but they won’t be switched on because they’re being organised by Ipswich Central and they’re having a big switch on the following weekend (which happens to be when they’ll be competing for attention with Bury St Edmunds’ event).

When I asked Paul Clement from Ipswich Central about this, he said that the switch on was planned months ago before the market was planned – and that isn’t an Ipswich Central promotion anyway.

I couldn’t help feeling that a bit more co-ordination and flexibility among everyone trying to promote the town centre could have given Ipswich a head-start in the race for Christmas shoppers.


  • john2012 - spot on! The market will be around during the day i presume and wouldn't really benefit from the lights anyway, and i presume the markets with have some lights of its own to create some festive excitement. More events are better. And as for Ipswich competing with Bury - GOOD. That's exactly what it should do, the exctiment of new lights will draw big crowds. Bury is so last year ;-)

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    Scott Brock

    Monday, October 29, 2012

  • Paul - I'm struggling to see the issue. It just means that trading in the town will be boosted on more than one day. People will come in for the Christmas market, and people will come in for the lights being switched on. Some people will come in for both. Hopefully the total additional trade will be the same either way (or perhaps better with a two day split, because people will buy more food and drink, pay additional bus farescar parking charges, and have longer to shop in the Town Centre).

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    Wednesday, October 24, 2012

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