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  • I'm sure the anti-Tesco campaigners are deluding themselves if they think that because they think the sums don't add up, Tesco's have erred. Tesco see a demand and Yes, money to be made...or is that illegal? Why do the nays get so much publicity when everyone I speak to is for the development? Felixstowe and surrounds is due to get considerable extra housing, that has to be catered for by something other than Banks, Building Societies, Charity shops and coffee shops....or would you prefer these people just support stores elsewhere? Face it, Felixstowe is not a major shopping centre and what it has is slowly imploding. Shopping habits are changing and so are peoples lifestyles. Thats why out-of-town supermarkets thrive!

    Weary Traveller

    Tuesday, February 12, 2013