This week’s devastating tidal surge along the East Anglian coast has led to some dramatic looking photographs.

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Our team of iWitnesses have been out and about taking pictures of the drama as it unfolded and its aftermath.

While both Suffolk and Essex escaped the worst when compared to nearby Norfolk there has still been large areas of flooding - particularly in Lowestoft, Southwold and Snape.

Sea defences have also been breached, with water flooding in to many homes and businesses.

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  • The two photos of waves at Southwold are very interesting photographically. But there are photos of a flooded town centre with no indication where it is! It could be Scotland for all we know. And you print such appalling misspellings of "surge" and "rose" instead of correcting them; even though you are so quick to 'edit' (i.e. delete) anything submitted which criticises you or your wealthy chums!

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    Sunday, December 8, 2013



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