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  • Firstly I would say that initially at least I had some sympathy for Chopra & his addiction. However the fact remains that the club supported him to the hilt on this - including a huge 'loan' & continued to involve him while in the priory & specialist pre season in the USA. Instead of seeming to appreciate this he was involved in such things as going AWOL to a nightclub in Newcastle & being banned from driving for speeding - all of which seem to have affected his performances on the pitch. I realise this case relates to before him joining the club but does not alter the situation that he seems to have taken our support as weakness. I suppose we should just be grateful that Jewell was unsuccessful in signing Coppinger & we must now await the trial of Taylor to see what other disgrace can be brought on the club - all at a time when we are releasing a true gent in Jason Scotland - no wonder the clubs reputation continues to plummet !!

    Old Timer

    Friday, January 25, 2013

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