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  • Is this a tactic to cop the blame on someone should the dreaded "R" word become a reality? Or has ME realised what many have said about Clegg, is correct and has Big Mick had a say in this? Ipswich have a good manager in McCarthy and if it was a choice of who has to go, if both parties aren't seeing eye to eye, then their is only one answer to that! ME showing his hand and being more involved could be to assure MM that he is needed here, with one hell of a job on his hands, but with a bit of money and Lady Luck, the man to reshape this good club. The sad part about it is that Clegg will walk away with a pat on the back and no doubt a thick wallet!!! ME has made his money out if Olympic corporate packages, so I don't think he'll want to see him burn his bridges with Clegg. No doubt Clegg will land a good job elsewhere in the Olympic network in Rio.....jobs for the boys me thinks!!!!!


    Tuesday, February 05, 2013

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