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  • I'm sorry but I strongly suspect MZH and the Opinion Man have never been rail commuters. Having done this journey for 8 years to do a job I could only do in London, and absolutely refusing to live IN London I ended up so fed up and at the end of my tether that I retrained and moved abroad 10 years ago. The point is that its a death on the line one day, signals the next, a broken down train in front the next, over running engineering works the next. Every day there is some excuse for the misery endured. The shame of arriving late for meetings. Missing out on nights out as you are "stuck on the train". Do you really expect commuters to wring their hands a shed a tear? And as for claiming compensation YES THEY SHOULD thats the only way these rail company's learn anything - when they are hit in the pocket. I would take one comment from each of the above. From MZH - no life isn't perfect but in the case of the railways it "does run to a set plan ANY day" - and this is an industry actually governed by time tables and targets. To the Opinion Man - get a job in Ipswich - some jobs, in the financial markets can only be done in London. The salaries in London are multiple times those in Ipswich.


    Wednesday, February 06, 2013

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