Winds of up to 60mph are set to sweep across Suffolk tonight as forecasters warned more bad weather is on the way.

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The region has been beset with storms and adverse weather conditions in the past two months, with Monday night’s storms causing the latest damage and leaving up to 3,380 homes without power on Christmas Eve.

That figure fell to 150 yesterday, with all homes reconnected by Boxing Day.

But Jim Bacon, forecaster at Weatherquest, said strong gusts of between 50mph-60mph are set to hit the county throughout the night and in to tomorrow.

However he said the renewed surge of wintry weather is not expected to cause as much damage as either this week’s storm or the St Jude Storm which left a trail of devastation in its wake in late October.

“I don’t think it will be on the same scale of some of the more recent ones. It will be wet and fairly windy but we are not expecting a huge amount of damage,” Mr Bacon said, predicting between seven and 11mm of rain to fall overnight.

“There will be a modest amount of rainfall which is significant on top of saturated ground which could potentially be quite a problem.”

He said it will be “bright and breezy” on Friday with wind speeds “easing at around dusk”.

He predicted temperatures to reach a high of 10C (50F) at around 9am under early morning cloud cover before it cools later in the day despite sunny spells.

He went on to warn of possible frost on Saturday night with temperatures plummeting to 4C (39F) on Sunday.

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