Poll: Pole dancing and naked photo shoots are among the ten things women want to do - but do not want their mums to know about

Women would like to take up pole dancing - but worry what their mum might think. Picture: Andy Abbott Women would like to take up pole dancing - but worry what their mum might think. Picture: Andy Abbott

Wednesday, May 14, 2014
3:44 PM

A fun survey has revealed the top ten daring things women want to, but feel they are being held back from.

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Ten things woman want to do

1. Ask for a pay rise – 24%

2. Do a naked photo shoot – 23%

3. Sing in public/karaoke – 22%

4. Take up pole dancing – 18%

5. Have a bikini wax – 18%

6. Get a tattoo – 16%

7. Travel/holiday alone – 15%

8. Get your hair cut very short – 14%

9. Quit your job – 13%

10. Have cosmetic surgery – 12%

Almost one-quarter of women want to try a naked photo shoot, while a similar percentage want to ask for a pay rise.

More than one-fifth want to do karaoke or sing in public, and 18% are keen to take up pole dancing.

Intriguingly one in eight women want to quit their job.

Fears over disappointing mum was the most common reason not to undergo a big change, cited by one in three survey respondents, but money problems were also a big factor.

Emma Saunders from Chrysler Ypsilon, which commissioned the study, said: “It seems within many of us there lies a desire to be a little bit edgier or bring a bit of excitement into our lives. However, we often have a lot to juggle and have to stick to our routines to ensure we get things done day to day, but sometimes that can mean being a bit predictable and always following a virtuous route.

“Clearly the desire is there to indulge our wilder side, but the worry about what others think is something that never leaves us.

“It appears that when we reach a certain age, life pressures often mean that we are unable to take risks and live adventurously.”



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