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  • I have supported the club (physically, emotionally and financially) for over 50 years – home and as often as possible (though this is much less now) away from home. I consider myself qualified by this and my loyalty to the club to make comments here – however unpalatable they may be to anyone who cares to read them. Recent matches have generally been a mix of the following: frustrating, poor, awful, dreadful, terrible, useless, abysmal, shameful, embarrassing, and more and more with few shots on target. We need a captain who can ‘play make’ and lead on the pitch. What on earth is happening at our club? Okay Mick a question given the comments attributed to you: Are you seeing your pension out or are you seeking an ambitious swan song? Also, why two MD's when one MD was one too much? Is this really an efficiency drive or is it just more ‘spin’? And please, please could we get rid of all the wasteful loan contracts as soon as possible and bring back some pride and passion with players who identify with our club?!

    Blue and true since 1962

    Monday, February 25, 2013

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