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  • Steroo, "no problems just opportunities" is glib and meaningless management speak. The companies I advise all have problems, that's why pay their professional advisors to try to solve them. Sometimes those problems are also opportunities, but quite often not, or the problem far outweighs the opportunity. When a company is sued, and it faces a significant liability, where is the opportunity there? As far as Ipswich go, it is self-evident that a few wins would be a good thing but you totally miss the point. How does the club progress to a point where it is able to deliver that type of success? What would YOU do if you were owner. How would you do things differently. ALL you do on here is to take pleasure in pointing out the obvious, and to say what not to do. Anyone can do that, it's not difficult. Really, it isn't. The challenge is to offer an alternative. Or, in your parlance, what is the "opportunity" here. Steroo, you spend a lot of time on here, being very negative, but your analysis is not insightful, just boringly predictable.


    Monday, February 25, 2013

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