Aaron Carty thanks nan for outfit which wowed Britain’s Got Talent judges during Beyoncé act

Aaron Carty performs his Beyonc� act on Britain's Got Talent. Photo: TOM DYMOND

Aaron Carty performs his Beyonc� act on Britain's Got Talent. Photo: TOM DYMOND - Credit: PA

Performing as a drag queen in front of millions of TV viewers and a live audience was the easy bit.

Aaron Carty, who wowed the Britain’s Got Talent judges when he performed as Beyoncé, said he was more nervous watching the show back on Saturday night.

That was even knowing he was a resounding success on the show – even engaging in some flirty banter with David Walliams – and was put through to the next round.

Mr Carty, who grew up in Whitton said: “I had such a great reaction.

“I was really surprised I focused on my nan, which was really nice for her because she makes all my outfits.”

Mr Carty, aged 29 and also a business owner in London, said his nan, Margaret Shepherd, was even overwhelmed with people asking her about the show when she turned up at her local bingo hall on Sunday.

Despite his success on Saturday and being confident in his performance Mr Carty said there was still work to do if he wanted to win.

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“I’m the only act like that (a drag queen) on Britain’s Got Talent this year,” he said.

“I’m looking to win people round, it’s not everyone’s cup of tea.”

At his show’s recording Mr Carty remembered how tough the crowd had seemed to the people on stage before him.

“When I was there seven acts got buzzed off before I went on, they didn’t get a chance to perform.

“The crowd was booing and telling them to get off.”

However Mr Carty’s lip-syncing act, complete with backing dancers, soon had the audience members on their feet and three judges sending him through to the next round – though top man Simon Cowell remained distinctly noncommittal.

“I’ve definitely got to win him over some more,” Mr Carty said. “I’ve got to think of a performance that makes him give judgement because he hasn’t yet.”

On Twitter Mr Carty said he deliberately sought out reaction from the public and replied to the negative comments.

“Not everyone is going to be nice and I’m very aware of that,” he added. “You’ve got to have some fun with it, you can’t take horrible comments seriously.”

Now he has a message to anyone who wants to see him perform again – let the judges know.

The panel will pick 44 acts from the successful auditionees based on their opinion of the performance and, maybe, their support from the public.

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