Yes, we're getting in the Christmas mood with a Christmassy quiz (we can't promise it will be the last!)

James Marston says incidents like the one on London Bridge on Friday are a moment to reflect on forgiveness

All the questions this week are themed around the colour black. Will you be laden with bargains or royally ripped off this week?

Whatever you think of the Royals, try watching The Crown without weeping. It's not possible, says Liz Nice

You're a celebrity but you're not getting out of here until you've done the quiz

Fashionista Anna Park started her clothing retail empire ANNA in 1993 and now has six stores across East Anglia and London. Anna was born in Fordham, schooled in Suffolk and has a home in Burnham Market. She launched her own collection 'Primrose Park London' in 2014 which she wholesales to over 100 stores across the UK, Scandinavia, and Australia, making Anna one of the most successful retailers in the country. Anna, whose latest store is in Abbeygate Street, Bury St Edmunds, talks to Gina Long.

Prince Andrew's interview was extraordinarily unwise, says Liz Nice, but you have to feel a bit sorry for a man so lacking in self awareness that he appeared not to have even the slightest inkling of this...

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is on this week - so will you be given the keys to the factory or stuck in a tube like Augustus Gloop?

Sue Bayliss helps a reader who is about to be torn in two this Christmas

We're all for gender equality, but getting a female James Bond is not the way to do it...

Some strange knowledge is needed this week - but we're confident you have Superman qualities

Much loved brand Mothercare is calling in the administrators. However, Liz Nice is not surprised...

As the centenary anniversary approaches of the first flight from London to Cape Town, third-generation Suffolk and Norfolk Farmer, Giles Abrey will tomorrow embark on a lifetime ambition. He will be taking to the skies, visiting 13 countries, in a home-built aircraft G-GAST, flying 7,200 miles on an epic 5-week Solo Charity Flight from London to Cape Town, which has been 12 years in the making. He tells Gina Long MBE how he was inspired by the courage of the 1930s aviators.

It's a Bonfire Night inspired quiz. Will you be an explosive rocket or a damp squib?

Liz Nice says fans of both East Anglian teams will be much happier once the natural order of things has been restored...

Jason Carter is the man behind the re-birth of Suffolk based streetwear brand HOAX. With a recent move to new premises in Ipswich now complete, work is now starting to turn the space into a brand HQ. Jason, along with his team of young, up and coming talent, has high hopes for the future direction of the brand. The more recent introduction of Hoax Live Sessions has seen the brand putting on live music events and recently completing a 6 stop UK tour. Here he talks to Gina Long MBE

Mark Murphy suggests we use the extra hour in bed to check our cars - why don't we do that these days?, he wonders

Will our quiz spook you this week or will you be riding your broomstick to victory?

James Marston understands why Harry and Meghan have grievances but says they are playing a dangerous game with their recent complaints...

For a generation of children, the dream was for Helen McDermott and BC to read out your birthday on Anglia TV's birthday club. Now. BC is being brought back for Anglia TV's birthday celebrations - without Helen. BC will be heartbroken, says Liz Nice

Sometimes stepping out of our bubble can be eye-opening, Liz Nice found

Opinion War of the WAGS: what we missed

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Last week everyone was buzzing about the so-called War of the WAGS. With hindsight, however, Liz Nice suspects that there is a lot of sadness underneath all of this, and a lesson for all of us about what to put on social media - and what to keep to ourselves...

James Marston came home to find the rectory flooded. Here, he reveals what it has taught him...

It's been a funny week for the WAGS and who knows what's going on - but the pub quiz carries on regardless. Will you be feeling spectacularly in control or wanting to hide under a rock this week? See how you get on...

After BackTo60's bid to get compensation for women affected by the changes to the pension age failed, Liz Nice feels something must still be done to bridge the gap for women now stuck in limboland

The Apprentice has started this week. See if our pub quiz gets you hired or fired?

Quiz It's the Friday pub quiz - week 37

Friday, September 27, 2019

Will you be the prince of quizzers this week?

The Government is showing compassion but bringing stranded holidaymakers home. But if we live in a capitalist system, compassion is the exception rather than the rule, says Liz Nice

Will you be mauled this week or will you be kicking the conversion of your life?

Rugby star Gareth Thomas has had to reveal his HIV positive status after tabloid journalists found out about it and went to his parents' home. This is beyond the pale, says Liz Nice

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