Foxy at 40? The view from the street

Name: Flo Robinson

Age: 59

From: Stowmarket

“The older celebs with the most attraction are the ones who don't feel they have to look good every minute of the day. They are famous but aren't putting on a show all the time and are still down to earth.”

Name: John Donnelly

Age: 65

From: Paget Road, Ipswich

Most Read

“I really like Sue Barker because she always looks so lovely and fresh. I think being happy is the key and not necessarily money. It's more to do with attitude and how you approach life.”

Name: Julie Prentice

Age: 29

From: Felixstowe

“Jackie Stallone is a prime example of someone growing old disgracefully. She dresses too young for her age and there are bits dropping off her because of all the surgery she's had done. She needs to put a paper bag over her head!”

Name: Darcie Clark

Age: 43

From: Hawke Road, Ipswich

“Bruce Forsyth has got my vote. He's just an icon and is so fit for his age. He married a younger woman and I think that has kept him looking young. You've got to enjoy yourself as well because you only live once.”

Name: Tim Miller

Age: 19

From: Kemball Street, Ipswich

“Joanna Lumley springs to mind straight away. She is graceful but doesn't bother with loads of makeup or plastic surgery. She has obviously lived a good life and being vegetarian helps as well.

I think it's important to maintain the right values and too many people base their self worth on money and possessions.”

Name: Thomas Ford

Age: 30

From: Maldon, Essex

“A lot of older people I know are growing old gracefully but some people want to live forever. I'm amazed by the amount of adverts on television that target people's fear of getting old.

They used to say the camera never lies but it seems no longer be the case.”

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