Ipswich singer seeks women who 'feel fabulous in their own skin'

Ipswich based singer, Chloë Lupton, is on the lookout for female dancers ahead of body positivity music video shoot.

Ipswich-based singer, Chloë Lupton, is on the lookout for female dancers ahead of her new music video, 'Go Get It.' - Credit: Charlotte Bond

An Ipswich soul singer is seeking body confident women to dance in her latest music video.

Chloë Lupton, 20, is set to release new track ‘Go Get it’, which champions body positivity in women, and will feature dancers from diverse backgrounds.  

The dancers, aged between 18-28, need to be able to perform commercial hip-hop.

“It’s a female empowerment type song,” said Chloë. “It basically says ‘love yourself.’ It’s a dance tune and will include hip-hop, commercial street dancing and streetwear.”

“Most of it will be dancing, but there will also be travelling scenes through the streets. The video is constantly moving – it’s quite active,” she added. 

Curtis Blanc, who goes by the stage name Tis, had an active role in organising the shoot as Chloë’s manager. He said: “Chloë has already choreographed a dance for that scene and we need dancers that will be up for featuring in the video.

“We are also going to be using a film studio in Clopton to do a photo shoot. We want many women from different demographics to come and be involved.” 

20-year-old Chloë Lupton wants women to feel comfortable in their own skin

Chloë wants women to feel comfortable in their own skin - Credit: Charlotte Bond

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The photo shoot section of the video will take place at Summer Isle Films in Woodbridge and the women involved are invited to attend the live performance at the Bloom Lounge in Ipswich. The live performance will also make up part of the video. 

“Chloë will be a director of this shoot and will encourage women to feel fabulous in their own skin. No matter what their ethnicity or what they look like. It’s supposed to be women enjoying who they are and enjoying the best parts of being a woman,” Tis added. 

“The women don’t actually have to follow a dance choreography. We just want them to dance in front of the camera and enjoy themselves.” 

Transport to and from the Bloom Lounge will also be offered to the women featured in the photo shoot. 

Filming will take place on August 14 and 15. If you would like to be a part of the music video, email or head over to Chloë’s Instagram account.

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