Keen dancers aim to catch judges' eyes

VIDEO Wannabe stars are dreaming of dance success today after showing off their moves in a talent contest.

WANNABE stars are dreaming of dance success today after showing off their moves in a talent contest.

The Idol 2008 competition returned to Ipswich yesterday for a dance off and dozens of spirited youngsters performed in front to the judges.

Seventeen-year-old Danielle Martin from Great Blakenham was one of the successful performers who got a slot in the regional finals in October.

She said: “I've been dancing for a year-and-a-half and I really like it.

“I want to go to university but I love dancing and I would like to be a professional dancer.

“I want to try to go as far as possible in the competition because it is all good experience.

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“Dancing really keeps you fit and you get a buzz when you dance.”

The Durrant sisters from Shotley were also celebrating after being told their hip hop dance routine had got them through.

Amber, 14, said: “We couldn't really believe it - we didn't think we would get through and some of the other dancers were so good.

“I like dancing together because you feel a lot less nervous when someone else is there.”

Meanwhile Bethany, 13, who has been dancing with her sister for seven years, added: “We always dance together and it is a lot of fun.

“We hope to go quite far but we don't really want to be professional dancers.”

Judge Emma Hawley said she had been impressed with the talent displayed at the Ipswich auditions and the range of dances performed.

She said: “The standard has been very high. It's been a wide range of styles and although there have been more women there have been some boys that got through including two particularly good young boys.

“I enjoy watching them all and seeing some great performances.

“You have to be cruel to be kind when they are not good enough though because you can't put people through if you don't think they will perform at the finals.”

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Dance is an art form that communicates through the body.

It is estimated the dance economy employs around 30,000 people - dancers, teachers, choreographers, technicians and managers - in the UK.

Types of dance include African, Ballroom, Bellydancing, Bharatha Natyam, Bodypopping, Breakdancing, Classical Ballet, Contact Improvisation, Contemporary, Flamenco, Historical, Irish, Kalari, Kathak, Jazz, Jive, Latin American, Line Dancing, National and Folk, Raqs Sharqi, Salsa, Square Dancing, Street Dance, Tango and Tap.

Dance is part of the National Curriculum, and can be studied at further education and degree level, including MA and PhD levels.

According to the Central Council for Physical Recreation dance is a popular activity for five million participants.


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