Kenneth set to show off his green giant

YOU don't get many of those to the pound!

YOU don't get many of those to the pound!

A cucumber this big really could only be grown by someone with green fingers - in fact its grower is Green all over.

Keen gardener Kenneth Green, 73, will be going to Trinity Park this weekend to show off his giant cucumber at the Suffolk Autumn Garden Show but he wanted to give us a glimpse first.

Mr Green's whopper is 55 centimetres long and measures 23cm in circumference - but it's not a record breaker. That honour belongs to Alfred Cobb who grew an 89.2 cm cucumber in 2006.

Mr Green, who produced the whopper at his Epsom Drive home in Ipswich, said: “I'm going to take it along as an unusual exhibit.

“Every year I buy two cucumber plants. They grow up a stick and along the roof of the greenhouse.”

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It's not just cucumbers that are popping up in Mr Green's greenhouse. Tomatoes, beans and carrots are also among his nearly self sufficient growing gamut.

Mr Green claims there is no winning formula for growing an oversized vegetable. Either that or he's keeping his secret close to his chest.

He said: “I've just been feeding it with normal plant food and farmyard manure. It just got bigger and longer until it reached the size it is today.

“Somebody told me that the biggest cucumber in the world is more than 80 centimetres long but I don't think it will reach that size before the weekend!”

Some more vegetable world records (Source: Guinness World Records)

Longest parsnip: Richard Hope (UK) 520.7 cm (17ft 1in), 2003

Heaviest beetroot: Piet de Goede (Netherlands) 71.050 kg (156lb 10oz), 2005

Heaviest potato: Ken Sloane (UK) 3.5 kg (7lb 11oz), 1994

Longest carrot: Joe Atherton (UK) 5.84 m (19ft 2in), 2007

Heaviest marrow: Mark Baggs (UK) 62 kg (136lb 9oz), 2005

Longest runner bean: Harry Hurley (USA) 1m30 cm (4ft 3in), 1997

Heaviest pumpkin: Joseph Jutras (USA) 766.12 kg (1,689lb), 2007

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