The ultimate broadband jargon buster: how to speak internet

Use Zen internet gigabit-speed full fibre broadband in Ipswich to stream HD films

You can watch the latest blockbuster films in HD on your tablet without delay, if you have full fibre broadband. - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

A dictionary to help you crack and decode the world of WiFi.

Paul Sinclair from Zen Internet, which provide broadband services in Ipswich, gives us the lowdown on gigabits, what full fibre broadband really means, and how you can use internet speak to find the best value broadband service.

Did you know?

“In a recent multiple-choice survey, we asked people to define a list of industry jargon and discovered that though 72 per cent of people said they understood what full fibre broadband means, only 33 per cent got it right,” Paul says.

“This is why we’ve compiled this handy guide to help you break through the terminology and find the best broadband deals."

Zen Internet provides ultrafast full fibre broadband service to homes throughout Ipswich

Ultrafast gigabit-speed internet, is now available to homes throughout Ipswich, from Zen Internet. - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Types of broadband available

  • Fibre to the premises (FTTP) also known as full fibre broadband

This delivers ultrafast broadband directly to your door. It’s a pure fibre connection, with high-quality, reliable access that can be used throughout your home.

“Our Full Fibre 900 Plus package is an unlimited broadband that provides speeds 90x faster than standard broadband, whether you’re uploading or downloading,” Paul says. “You can seamlessly upload large work files on your computer, while zoom calling loved ones from your mobile and watching the latest HD blockbuster video on your Xbox or TV, without delays and fuss.”

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The package also works with any smart devices you have in your house.

  • Fibre to the cabinet (FTTC)

This uses a combination of fibre optic cables and copper cables to deliver internet to your home. It still delivers a fast internet connection, but won’t offer the same speeds as full fibre.

“For many years, the industry has offered fibre broadband products, but many people don’t realise that old-style copper wiring still carries the signal the last bit of the way to your home,” Paul explains.

“Full fibre is a new term coined to describe the ultrafast new advanced gigabit-speed technology so people can tell them apart. With this technology, there is no copper deployed and the fibre optic cables run all the way to your home.”

Let’s talk bandwidth and speeds

When choosing broadband, make sure you double-check both the download and upload speeds it offers, for which devices. The faster the speed the quicker your internet will be.

  • Gigabit (Gb)

This describes the transfer speed of your data and is often written as Gbps (Gigabits per second). It’s ultrafast and is often described as FFTP broadband.

“We offer gigabit-speed broadband to the region, which is one of the fastest connections you can get, with more homes being added throughout Ipswich every day,” Paul explains.

  • Megabit

Megabits, also known as Mb, is another way of describing your broadband speed. It’s measured in Mbps (megabits per second). Mb is slower than Gb.

How you stay connected

There are a few bits of kit that can be handy to know to help you understand your home’s WiFi set up.

  • Router (or the Hub)

This is what connects devices throughout your home to the internet and one another.

“There are a few myths about where you should put your router. People think positioning doesn’t matter, but placing your router in a cupboard can block the signal,” Paul says.

“You should place your router somewhere prominent and central, and far away from a microwave. If your signal gets interrupted, hitting it won’t solve the problem – you should call your internet service provider (ISP) to get them to investigate.”

Zen Internet's Full Fibre 900 Plus package is an unlimited gigabit-speed broadband available in Ipswich

Zen Internet's Full Fibre 900 Plus package is an unlimited broadband that provides speeds 90x faster than standard broadband. - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

  • Modem

Often confused for a router, this is the device that connects you to the wider internet, though most internet service providers (ISPs) combine your router and modem into one device.

 Knowing what’s available in your area

Before purchasing any broadband products, it’s worth checking what’s available in your area.

“We’ve already rolled out gigabit-speed Full Fibre 900 Plus broadband to the first-homes in Ipswich, with more postcodes going live every week,” Paul says. “We aim to reach almost every home and business in the region by 2025.”

Check if it’s available where you live by visiting and entering your postcode.

Installing your broadband package

Check with your broadband provider to discover package prices and find one that suits your budget.

“We offer a unique price for life, meaning when you join Zen, we promise not to increase your payments for as long as you remain on that package,” Paul says.

“Once you’ve bought your Zen package, an engineer will visit your home at a convenient time to fit your new fibre optic cable and router and perform a speed test to check everything is in full working order. You can then use your lightning-fast internet right away.”

Visit or call 0170 6614 222, to find out more about the benefits of gigabit-speed broadband.

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