113mph Felixstowe driver spared ban after telling court he was fleeing from ex-partner and her new boyfriend

Matthew Butcher was caught driving at 113mph. File picture.

Matthew Butcher was caught driving at 113mph. File picture.

A driver caught travelling at 113mph told a court he did so because he was trying to get away from his ex-partner and her boyfriend.

Matthew Butcher, of Elizabeth Way, Felixstowe, was spared a ban after putting forward an argument for exceptional circumstances.

The 24-year-old admitted speeding when he appeared before Ipswich magistrates, but said losing his licence would affect his young daughters and a disqualification could cost him his job.

Prosecutor Neal Carr said the offence occurred at 6.44pm on July 31 when Butcher’s Volvo S60 was caught travelling at 113mph on the Port of Felixstowe Road.

Butcher already had three points on his licence for speeding.

Butcher told the court: “It was unacceptable and irresponsible to do that.”

He told magistrates he was a single parent with two young daughters. During the week he takes one to school and the other to nursery, and at weekends he drops his daughters off to his parents in Essex to enable him to go to work.

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Butcher added: “I believe if I was to lose my licence I would probably lose my job.”

The court heard Butcher’s children were not in the car at the time of the offence.

Butcher told magistrates his ex-partner and her boyfriend were following him in their car.

Butcher said: “I knew I was speeding. I didn’t know I was doing that much.”

He added he was trying to ‘lose’ his ex-partner and her boyfriend’s car and was attempting to go through traffic lights before they changed.

Chairman of the Bench James Goldsmith said: “It was a foolish thing to do. Any slight incident at that speed and your children could have been orphaned.

“However, we have listened to your guilty plea and taken into consideration your full responsibility for your daughters.”

Butcher’s licence was endorsed with six penalty points and he must pay a total of £365 in fines and costs.

In a separate hearing Marian Damileanu, of Hamilton Road, Felixstowe, was disqualified from driving for 35 days after he was convicted in his absence of driving at 112mph on the A14 at Trimley at 5.43pm on July 31 last year.

The 20-year-old was also fined £440, and must pay £85 costs and £44 to the victims’ fund.