An Ipswich-born actor and one of the UK’s fasting-rising stars will be hitting the small screen in a BBC comedy show.

Ricardo P Lloyd will appear in a comedy sketch called An Afroscot in Brixton, which will be on air later this month.

The show, starring and produced by Edinburgh-born model and comic Eunice Olumide, is commissioned by BBC Comedy as part of a series of three shorts.

Ipswich Star: Ricardo P Lloyd will appear in a BBC Comedy sketch, Tamzin MorrisRicardo P Lloyd will appear in a BBC Comedy sketch, Tamzin Morris (Image: Tamzin Morris)

The comedy shorts are Olumide’s highly-anticipated follow up from her successful stand-up show AfroPolitiCool at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in August last year.

Ricardo will appear in the show as Rapstarr, a mildly antagonistic Brixton local playing opposite Olumide’s character.

He said that the project was an opportunity to flex his comedic muscle following his role in the 2022 historical docudrama ‘Flying For Britain’, which followed Windrush generation figure Johnny Smythe in his journey as a Royal Air Force navigator during War II.

The 29-year-old artist said: “The last project I did with the BBC was a more earnest investigation into stereotyping and bias in the UK’s entertainment industry, so I had a lot of fun with Eunice during this sketch poking fun at the perceptions and preconceptions of certain British identities.

Ipswich Star: Ricardo P Lloyd, Alamy Stock PhotoRicardo P Lloyd, Alamy Stock Photo (Image: Alamy Stock Photo)

“Comedy is a really powerful tool in the way it can get us to question our assumptions about people and Eunice definitely approaches some challenging topics with thought-provoking humor.”

In July last year Ricardo presented his first radio documentary on BBC Radio 4, called ‘My Name is Ricardo P Lloyd’.

The programme focused on the issues of race and representation in the media industry in the UK.

Ipswich Star: Ricardo P Lloyd, NewsquestRicardo P Lloyd, Newsquest (Image: Newsquest)

He then said: “Rather than wait until I am older and more established to speak out, I am risking my own career in the hope that it will inspire and empower future generations.

“There are many barriers I have personally faced, some known and some unknown."

Ricardo is now considered one of the fastest-rising acting talents in the UK.