What could possibly go wrong when asking an AI chatbot to write a poem about a town?

Since its launch in November 2022, ChatGPT has revolutionised the way we access and interact with artificial intelligence – and we wanted to try it out. 

We asked it to write a poem about Suffolk's largest town Ipswich and within 30 seconds, it had generated this ode to the county's town. 

Ipswich, a gem of a town

Ipswich, dear Ipswich, by the river Orwell,

Your beauty and charm, oh so easy to tell,

From your ancient streets to your modern flair,

You captivate us all, without a single care.

Your history rich, your culture diverse,

Your spirit unbroken, through times perverse,

From wool trade to football, you have it all,

A town of legend, standing tall.

The waterfront alive, with bustling sounds,

Ships and cranes, tourists and hounds,

The view of the Orwell Bridge, so grand,

A sight that few towns can command.

Your parks and green spaces, a peaceful retreat,

Where nature and beauty, in harmony meet,

Christchurch Park, Holywells, and more,

Each one, a little paradise to adore.

And oh, your people, so friendly and warm,

Welcoming visitors, making them feel at home,

From your quaint pubs to your modern cafés,

The hospitality, leaves us in a daze.

Ipswich, dear Ipswich, a gem of a town,

With treasures hidden, waiting to be found,

A place where memories, forever stay,

And in our hearts, Ipswich will always play.