A prominent butchers' store has been put up for sale as the owner is planning to retire after 34 years of running the business.

Michael's Butchers, in High Road East in Felixstowe, is on the market for £150,000, though owner Michael Drewery said he wanted the business to continue operating as a butchers'.

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He said: "It is on the market, up for sale and I have had a few people interested, but no one has got an offer in yet."

Explaining the reasons why he had decided to retire, he added: "I appreciate having a bit of free time and I want to enjoy my life while I am still young enough."

However, Mr Drewery said the shop was still doing good trade and his team routinely sold £1,000 worth of sausages in Felixstowe every week, while the ethos was very much on an "old fashioned small shop" that looked after its customers.

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He added: "It is always nice when people come in and say how smart the shop looks, how good the meat is and how it is presented and everything and my standards are high and I expect them to be maintained.

"I would have thought for anyone taking over the business, I would expect those standards to be maintained and I would expect them to provide the same welcome for customers."

He said staff should be "friendly and welcoming" to ensure the shopping experience was nice.

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The former slaughterman, who used to work for butcher's chain Dewhurst, also reflected on the difficult times he had experienced, including during the so-called mad cow sisease outbreak, when cattle were infected with the neurodegenerative condition.

In addition, there was the Covid-19 pandemic to navigate.

Mr Drewery said he prided himself on his motto 'never con your customer,' adding that if you did, they would never return.