I journeyed to One Sixth Form College on my own to feel the noise of a new interpretation of the musical called Rock of Ages (teen edition).

I was certainly living on a prayer and hoped not to be left in dire straits at what I was about to witness.

Fortunately, from the moment the strums of a guitar and the drum beat kicked in, my Casbah was rocked.

The show is given its thrust by using well known songs from the 1980’s and the plot is mainly based around two youngsters (Stacee and Drew) who have big Hollywood hopes.

They have to confront an eclectic mix of characters as they experience all the big emotions such as love and disappointment as they go on a rollercoaster ride that they hope will end in stardom.

The cast – made up of around 40 members - really tapped my spine and gave me goosebumps at times. There was certainly some power ballad perfection from the principle performers and the supporting cast proved to be air guitar heroes throughout.

Direction was slick from Tanya Verow and Lois Hinsley oversaw the music that was performed by students from the sixth form.

As a teenager of the eighties, it was a nostalgic trip for me down memory lane.

You had big hair and mullets everywhere. (In fact there were lots of mullets in the audience – how has that hairstyle come back into fashion?)

You had tight jeans and leg warmers, hairspray and slogan t-shirts and it’s fair to say that everyone behind the production hit me with their best shot.

All in all, this version had loads of singalong super songs and it’s clear that they built this sixth form on rock and roll.

Ipswich Star: More than 40 students at One Sixth Form are performing in Rock of Ages.More than 40 students at One Sixth Form are performing in Rock of Ages. (Image: One Sixth Form)

If you don’t want to stop believing for one night only – then go and see this fun and explosive musical.

Rock of Ages will play for three nights at the Scrivener Road based educational establishment in Ipswich between 16 and 17 November 2023.

Tickets can be purchased at https://www.ticketsource.co.uk/suffolkone.

All shows start at 7pm.

Review by John Nice