More than 500 congregated in Ipswich as part of a national day of action, calling for a ceasefire in Gaza.

Pro-Palestinian demonstrators all over the UK took part in the day of action on Saturday (November 18), with thousands of people taking part in marches up and down the country.

The event, the second of its kind held by Free Palestine Suffolk and attended by members of the regional People's Assembly, was twice as big as the rally on October 28 at Ipswich Town Hall.

Ipswich Star:

"Free Palestine", "Stand with Palestine," and "Save Gaza" signs were held at the rally, which started at Christchurch Mansion at 1pm, progressing through the town centre to the Waterfront at the University of Suffolk.

Leyla Mohamed El-Henawy, one of the leaders of Free Palestine Suffolk, said that this will not be the last rally held in the town, as the war continues.

She said: “We will be back as it looks as if this cruel war on Gaza will not be over any time soon.

“Take a look at what is happening to babies in hospitals in Gaza.

Ipswich Star:

“A Norwegian health expert said in a television interview that more than 6,000 Palestinian babies and children have been killed since the war on Gaza began five weeks ago.

"We must have an immediate ceasefire and put an end to these war crimes.

"Most British people want an immediate ceasefire, even though the two main political parties in this country continue to toe the Netanyahu line that there can be no ceasefire."

A police officer gave an unofficial estimate that the crowd numbered more than 500.

Ipswich Star:

On Sunday, the territory’s health ministry said at least 30 premature babies have been evacuated from Gaza’s main hospital and will be transferred to facilities in Egypt. 

Ministry spokesman Medhat Abbas confirmed the evacuation in a phone call with the Associated Press (AP) on Sunday.