After a long and rainy journey, the final abnormal load movement through Suffolk has been completed.

Suffolk Highways has congratulated the huge team behind the move of a 228-tonne turbine from Ipswich Docks to Eye Airfield today.

After a 5.30am start, the load travelled through Ipswich, along the A14 and A140 to its final destination, arriving at around 2.30pm.

The A140 was closed for part of the day while the move took place.

Ipswich Star: The load had started its trip before dawn this morningThe load had started its trip before dawn this morning (Image: Suffolk Highways)

A temporary overbridge was constructed in Brockford Street to help reduce damage to the road surface, while large slats were placed along the pavements in Ipswich to limit any damage when the colossal weight was maneuvered onto the curb.

Originally scheduled to be moved in October, the movement of the 327.5-tonne generator and two turbines weighing 332 tonnes and 228 tonnes each was pushed back when a part was delayed in its journey to Ipswich from Germany. 

Ipswich Star: Suffolk Streetlighting helped remove bollards along the routeSuffolk Streetlighting helped remove bollards along the route (Image: Suffolk Highways)

Suffolk Highways did warn that inclement weather and timings could see the loads moved over six weekends instead of three but did manage to move each across four Sundays in October and November.

The Suffolk Streetlighting team was spotted throughout the journey through Ipswich, as bollards and other street furniture was removed to allow the load through. 

Ipswich Star: The load travelled over a temporary bridge in Brockford StreetThe load travelled over a temporary bridge in Brockford Street (Image: Suffolk Highways)

Traffic was held on the A14 by the Norfolk and Suffolk Roads and Armed Policing Team to allow the load to move safely between the junctions without causing too long a delay.

Suffolk Highways posted regular movement updates on their X account and posted several videos and images throughout the day.

It was a very wet arrival at the airfield in Eye, but the team thanked everyone for their patience as the necessary moves were made.