Plans for 18 new homes to be built, including six which would be affordable, will be discussed next week as to whether they should go ahead.

An outline planning application with all matters removed except for access will be discussed by East Suffolk Council on Tuesday, November 28 to determine whether the homes are built in Levington, near Ipswich.

The application is for 18 homes to be built with associated infrastructure.

The application has already been amended with a hedgerow along the site frontage with Bridge Road to be retained, leaving two vehicle access points rather than the originally planned three.

The application has received objections, one of which from Suffolk County Council's Highways department over pedestrian safety.

Levington Parish Council "strongly opposed" the application, stating the proposal "does not reflect the linear nature of the village" and there would be additional vehicles travelling in and out of the village with only short footways.

Councillors also saw issue with the village facilities and services, stating that Levington is classified as a "small village due to the lack of facilities including public transport" meaning a "significant increase in journeys in private vehicles will be inevitable".

A total of 72 letters of representation has been received on the plans, which include just two neutral responses, and 70 opposing to the plans.

Other objections include the design not conforming to local character, negative impact on ecology and wildlife, the potential to exacerbate existing flooding and drainage issues and noise issues.

Should the plans be approved by the planning committee, then more details about the project will be revealed, including house layout, pedestrian footpaths and school provisions.