70mph police chase leads to jail

A driver's terrified girlfriend feared she would die as he drove at 70mph during a police chase around the town, a court has heard.

IPSWICH: A driver's terrified girlfriend feared she would die as he drove at 70mph during a police chase around the town, a court has heard.

Aaron Daley, 20, drove over red traffic lights and on the wrong side of the road during the eight minute pursuit which started after a policeman in Belstead Road saw him driving slightly over the 30mph speed limit, Ipswich Crown Court heard.

The officer had also seen Daley, who was driving a Ford Focus with “L” plates on, cut a corner on Luther Road and decided to stop him to speak to him about his driving, said Godfried Duah, prosecuting.

“The road conditions weren't appropriate for the way he was driving. It was wet and slippery and it had been raining,” said Mr Duah.

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However when the officer illuminated the blue flashing lights on his car Daley had panicked because he was on licence from prison and had sped off.

Daley had driven though a local housing estate towards Wherstead Road and had travelled a total distance of seven miles around the town before hitting a kerb and damaging the rear tyres.

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Mr Duah said that during the chase which took place at 11pm on October 11 Daley had driven at speeds up to 70mph and had driven on the wrong side of the road and over red traffic lights.

He said that Daley's girlfriend, who was a passenger in the car, heard the tyres squealing and was so frightened that she had shut her eyes.

She later told police, “I honestly thought he was going to crash and kill me or both of us.”

When the vehicle came to a halt after hitting the kerb Daley had run off but was detained.

Daley, of Griffin Court, Ipswich admitted dangerous driving, driving otherwise than in accordance with his licence and driving without insurance.

Sentencing him to 10 months detention, banning him from driving for two years and confiscating his car Judge John Devaux said it was fortunate that no-one was injured as a result of his driving.

Nicola May for Daley said he had been on licence and had stupidly panicked and tried to escape when the police officer tried to stop him.

“He ended up in more trouble than if he had stopped as he would have probably have just got a warning for his driving,” said Miss May.

She said that Daley's girlfriend had forgiven him for subjecting her to such a terrifying experience and she was now expecting twins.

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