A-level Results Day 2018: Live updates from Ipswich and Felixstowe

Niamh Nicholls, Omar Haggag, Rory Bathgate and Alex Mace celebrate their results Picture: SARAH LUC

Niamh Nicholls, Omar Haggag, Rory Bathgate and Alex Mace celebrate their results Picture: SARAH LUCY BROWN - Credit: Archant

Today’s the day – and thousands of students across the Ipswich area have been heading into schools and colleges to collect their A-level results.

Our reporters headed out to speak to students after they opened that all-important envelope.

We visited Northgate High School in Ipswich first thing.

Stay with us for live news, pictures and analysis as the results roll in.

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Copleston High School

Principal Shaun Common said: “We would like to congratulate our students and their families on their successes in their A-level exams this year.

“We have had a very pleasing set of results and our average points per entry is the highest it has been for five years.

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“We have seen a significant increase in the top grades with 20% of all grades achieved being A/A*.

“Our students and staff have worked extremely conscientiously throughout the last two years, and we have a number of outstanding individual performances to celebrate.

“Throughout their time in the sixth form, our students have made a huge contribution to the school, and we wish them every success with the next stage of their career.”

Hannah Leech received A,A*,A,C for her A-levels Picture: SARAH LUCY BROWN

Hannah Leech received A,A*,A,C for her A-levels Picture: SARAH LUCY BROWN - Credit: Archant

Kesgrave High School

Deputy headteacher Cath Breckell said the school was proud of its A*-E pass rate of 98%, A* to C rate of 74% and A* to B rate of 43%.

Of the students, she said: “They’ve worked really hard and we’re really proud of them.

“Particularly at a time of great change, what’s been most important is that it hasn’t affected our students and they’ve achieved their potential.”

Ipswich High School

Every single one of the students at Ipswich High School have been offered places at their first choice university.

The all-female year group received a 100% pass rate, with 70% of grades marked A*-C and 50% are going onto study STEM related subjects.

Headteacher Oona Carlin said: “I would like to offer my heartfelt congratulations to all of our pupils that are receiving their A-level results today.

“A wonderful 40% of our students have been made unconditional offers this year. This shows great determination from universities to secure our students, not only for their academic ability, but also for their character and commitment to extra-curricular activities.

“I personally welcome unconditional offers from universities as they enable pupils them to enter examinations more confidently, helping reach their full potential.”

Among the successful students was Grace Smith, who is currently with Team GBR for the European Youth Carriage Driving Championships in Hungary.

She received an unconditional from Canterbury Christchurch to study criminology and forensic investigation.

Grace said: “My unconditional offer has provided me with reassurance that I will be going to university and that I didn’t have to worry in the time between taking my exams and getting my results.

“The championships have gotten off to a good start with the entire team being deemed fit to compete.

“I will start competing tomorrow which is very exciting.”

Ipswich School

This year’s A-level results show 100% of students at Ipswich School passed their exams in 22 different subjects.

Headmaster Nicholas Weaver said: “Once again we are delighted by the A-level results, which are the end product of months of hard work by our students and their teachers. They have risen to the harder challenge and high expectations in the new A Levels and we are very proud of their success.”

There were 112 students taking A -level exams this year at Ipswich School.

The percentage of exams graded A*-B was 75.9%, with 90.9% of exams graded A*-C and 100% of exams graded A*-E.

St Alban’s Catholic High School

Headteacher Matt Baker he was “thrilled to see so many of our year-13 students progressing into higher education and employment of their choice following these results”.

He added: “The grades underline the hard work and dedication of students, staff, and support from families.

“We are particularly pleased with a 6% improvement in the highest A*/A grades even when new, more demanding exams have been set.

“The sixth form pass rate remains high at 97%.”

Northgate High School

Headteacher David Hutton, of Northgate High School, said: “We have 21 students all got nothing less than an A* or A at A-level, and 10 of the 21 came to Northgate from other secondary schools.

“They made a choice to come and study here and as you can see they did incredibly well – that’s an important thing to us.

“We take a lot of care of those that come from another school after Year 11 as well as our own – we have a tradition of students coming here from other schools.

“I think the ones that come from another school make a big decision to move in some cases, so it’s quite a big for them, it’s like a practice step before they move off to university or work in later life.

He added: “Around 80% of our students will go to university but not all of them will go straight away.

“There’s a lot now going into training with various companies so we want to make them aware of all the opportunities available to them.”

Royal Hospital School

At a time when A-levels have gone through significant reform and there is national uncertainty over the more rigorous linear examinations, school leaders say results at the Royal Hospital School in Holbrook are the best on record.

This year saw the largest ever Year 13 cohort – 117 students – gain an 88% A*-C pass rate.

Headmaster Simon Lockyer said: “I am delighted for both the pupils and teachers with the performance this year.

“This strong improvement in proportion of A*-B grades and the fact that a third of entries were awarded A*/A in the context of a larger than ever cohort, demonstrates the Royal Hospital School’s commitment to stretch and challenge for pupils of all abilities.

“These impressive young people continue to make outstanding contributions to school life through leadership roles, sport, music, service and participating in the many co-curricular activities on offer alongside securing excellent results. “I am incredibly proud of what they have achieved and the outstanding commitment of the staff who have taught and supported them.”

St Joseph’s College

Of 54 students, 77% received A*-C grades and 99% achieved A*-E.

Vice Principal Academic, Mr Sacha Cinnamond, said he was “delighted by another year of strong value-added achievement in the sixth form, following on from being placed in the top 15% nationally for A-level achievement in 2017”.

“This clearly demonstrates the superb hard-working ethos of both staff and students at the college,” he said.

One Suffolk Sixth Form College

Principal of One Sixth Form College, Alan Whittaker, said: “Indications show that this has been another excellent year for One Sixth Form College in terms of our A-level results and vocational courses.

“The early feedback suggests that we will have many outstanding success stories to share – particularly based around STEM subjects and those going on to study medicine.

“Overall, it appears that we have exceeded national averages and this is a credit to our students and staff. It’s another proud moment in the history of our college.”

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