A-level Results Day 2018: Sixth-former on heart transplant list scoops good grades despite health battle

Dominic Andrew, who has scooped a good set of A-level passes despite battling health issues Picture:

Dominic Andrew, who has scooped a good set of A-level passes despite battling health issues Picture: JAKE FOXFORD - Credit: JAKE FOXFORD

A determined sixth-former has overcome the odds and scooped a good set of A-levels – despite battling a debilitating heart condition.

Dominic Davies, from Brantham, studied at Northgate Sixth Form in Ipswich for four years.

While there he has been battling a heart problem which put him on the transplant list in December 2017.

The 20-year-old was only told yesterday that he has been accepted to have one – and in a whirlwind 24 hours, he is celebrating an excellent set of A-level results.

“I’ve been studying at Northgate Sixth Form for four years and I’ve been quite unwell as I’ve been here,” he said.

“I started in 2014 having come from Holbrook Secondary School, studying English Language, English Literature, history and psychology.

“After I fell ill towards the end of 2014 I missed a lot of the school year, so I came back into Year 12 in 2015 to do it again, this time without Psychology as it was just too much work.

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“I made it to Year 13 in 2016, but once again I was getting ill so I only managed to finish the English Language exams and get a C.

“Then this year I came back and finished off the English Literature and history A-level – and now I’ve got an A in history and a B in English Literature.

Mr Davies added: “It’s more than enough for me to do what I want in the future, and even if it’s not, I’ve got a sop story to pull their heartstrings with.

“I am incredibly please with these – I didn’t expect to do as well as I did, I would have been happy with grade C in everything.

“I’d like to thank my history teacher Mr Banham who helped me out with my coursework as much as he could.

“All the time I was off he was in constant email contact with me, focusing on my coursework and I was really pleased with how it came together in April – but I never imagined it would go this well.

“I’ll definitely be celebrating tonight, getting a takeaway a perhaps having a bit of a drink.”

When a suitable donor becomes available, the 20-year-old student will be able to have an operation quickly if necessary.

He added: “The school have made all sorts of concessions for me because of my health – I had a TA in every class taking notes for me, helping me remember things, and if I was not in the class they would send me the notes by email – it’s been a great time here.

“In December 2017 I was listed for a heart transplant. Yesterday I was in hospital going through a few routine tests, and in that time they consented me for a transplant.

“So now when a suitable donor becomes available, there won’t be a lot of paperwork to have to do, I’ll be able to get in there really quickly if necessary.”

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