A-levels - see how your school did

GALLERY The waiting was finally over for thousands of students across Suffolk and Essex today as they picked up their A Level results.

Brad Jones

THE waiting was finally over for thousands of students across Suffolk and Essex today as they picked up their A-level results.

This is how your school fared - the results are in alphabetical order and more will be added throughout the day as information becomes available.

*Benjamin Britten High School, Lowestoft - A-C unavailable, A-E unavailable. Colin Goffin, assistant headteacher, said: “We have had problems with our inter-nal systems and are unable to give accurate pass rate figures today. But students who picked up their grades looked happy. Overall the feelings here is that we are very pleased.”

*Braintree College - 59% A-C pass rate, 90% A-E. Interim Deputy Principal Chris Hudson said: “The last year has been one of change for the college but staff have worked extremely hard to make sure that students achieve their potential and enjoy their studies. The students can be congratulated on some excellent results and some outstanding individual achievement.”

*Chelmsford County High School for Girls - 96% A-C pass rate, 99.8% A-E. Nicole Chapman, headteacher, said: “Once again our students have achieved outstanding results with a significant number (59) gaining three or more A grades. The increase in the percentage of high grades nationally should not be derided but celebrated. Such achievements are the outcome of exceptional dedication from young people themselves and from their teachers, who all deserve our admiration. It is sad that elements of the media seem so intent on questioning such evident success.”

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*Clacton County High School - 50% A-C pass rate, A-E unavailable. Principal Jeff Brindle said: “These were a very pleasing set of results and students should be proud of their achievements. Excellent results were gained across the board and particularly emphasised the strength of our specialist subjects of art, drama and Eng-lish. Our congratulations go out to all students on their results and I wish them every success in the future.”

*Claydon and Thurleston Sixth Form - 64% A-C pass rate, 98% A-E. Graham Alcock, acting headteacher, said: “We are truly delighted with our overall A-level pass rate. It reflects the many impressive individual achievements and the students deserve our hearty thanks.”

*Colbayns High, Clacton - A-C unavailable, A-E unavailable. Headteacher Nick Pavitt said: “The school is absolutely delighted for the students who have done very well and will now be able to go on to fulfil their ambitions in a career or at university. They were, of course, supported admirably by those often unsung heroes: mums, dads and the terrific teaching staff.”

*Colchester County High School for Girls - 96.6% A-C pass rate, 100% A-E. Headteacher Elizabeth Ward said: “I'm proud to see that every student here has achieved a minimum of three A-levels which is an excellent springboard for whatever she chooses to do in the next stage of her life.”

*Colchester Royal Grammar School - 98% A-C pass rate, 100% A-E. Headmaster Ken Jenkinson said: “I am delighted for the students in this year group. They made the most of their education, supported each other throughout and were actively involved in the wider life of the school. They can now progress with confi-dence to their chosen university courses.”

*Colchester Sixth form College - 75% A-C pass rate, 98% A-E. Ian MacNaughton, principal, said: “Students have achieved outstanding A and AS-level results, the best overall A-level results attained by students at the college to date. Indeed, this is the 13th consecutive year the college results.”

*The Colne Community School and College - A-C unavailable, 98% A-E pass rate. Nardeep Sharma, principal, said: “I am delighted all the Colne College stu-dents and teachers' hard work has culminated in a successful group of results. The college is growing and the results reflect its vibrant nature. I am especially proud that all students who applied to university have achieved the grades required to attend the university of their choice.”

* Copleston High School, Ipswich - 67% A-C pass rate, 96% A-E. David East, deputy headteacher, said: “This year we have seen a 3% increase in our overall A-C percentage pass rate, as well as some subjects achieving a 100% pass rate at A-C. This is a pleasing performance coupled with some outstanding individual results at the highest level. Our congratulations to all students and parents.”

*County Upper School, Bury St. Edmunds - 75% A-C pass rate, 99% A-E. Vicky Neale, headteacher, on the prospect of a changing the A-level system, said: "Any system needs to be continuously modified, however there's a long way to go before we would consider abolishing A-levels over an alternative system."

*Culford School - 82% A-C pass rate, and a 99% A-E pass rate. The results were the best in the school's history, and Dr John Guntrip, director of studies, said: “The percentage of top grades was particularly pleasing, being the best we have had in recent years. And 20% of all pupils achieved at least 3 straight A grades with a whole host of others achieving a mixture of A and B grades.”

*Deben High School, Felixstowe - 72% A-C pass rate, 98% A-E. Terry Ring, headteacher, said: ''A fantastic effort by all students and staff at Deben has led to an incredibly impressive 98% pass rate. Many congratulations to all our students on their achievements and we particularly wish our departing Year 13 students well in their future studies. What a wonderful set of results for my last year at Deben.''

*Denes High School, Lowestoft - 62% A-C pass rate, 96% A-E (provisional results). Headteacher Mick Lincoln said: “We are very pleased for our students, it looks like nearly everyone got into the university place they had been accepted at.”

*Diss High School - A-C pass rate not available, 99% A-E pass rate. Dr Jan Hunt, headteacher, said: “We are delighted to have received a very pleasing set of A-level results today. Many students exceeded their expected grades as a result of the close monitoring and target setting that is a feature of sixth form work here. Nearly all students have gained their first choice of university. Students and staff are to be congratulated for their dedicated hard work.”

*Farlingaye High School, Woodbridge - 81% A-C, 99% A-E. Sue Hargadon, headteacher, said: “We are absolutely thrilled to have had another year of out-standing results with over 34% of grades at grade A and 60% at grades A and B, making this our best ever results.”

*Felsted School - 85% A-C pass rate, 100% A-E. Deputy headmaster, Mark Lauder said: “I am particularly pleased to see the number of pupils who exceeded their predicted grades given how busy they have been during the school year with their extra curricular commitments such as sport, music and drama.”

*Framlingham College - 91% A-C pass rate, 99% A-E. Gwen Randall, headteacher, said: “This year's upper sixth have broken all records which comes as no surprise to me as, from the outset, this has been a talented and focussed year group.”

*Great Cornard Upper School and Technology College - 75.1% A-C pass rate, 99.9% A-E. Mike Foley, headteacher, said he was delighted with the results. He said: "The truth is, the A-level has already gone through one set of reforms and now what it needs is more breadth. What I don't want to hear, however, is the old chestnut about standards slipping. I wouldn't want to take anything away from how hard the students and staff have worked to achieve what are record results for Great Cornard.”

*Hartismere High School - 83.4% A-C pass rate, 97% A-E. Louise Clifford, head of the sixth form, said: “The results are absolutely fantastic - it has been a bumper year for us.”

*Harwich School - 57% A-C pass rate, while 95% of students achieved A-E grades. Tom Govan, head of Sixth Form, said: “This is our second best ever result. It is impressive because we are a small sixth form. We had very few ungraded students - we are a developing sixth form, and this is the kind of progress we want to see. We are really pleased.”

*Hedingham School - 66% A-C pass rate, 95% A-E. Gerry Gurhy, deputy head, said: “All of the students should be commended for their achievements and their teachers congratulated for the support they have provided to help students to gain success in their future adult and working lives.”

*Ipswich High School for Girls - 96% A-C pass rate, 100% A-E. Elaine Purves, headteacher, said the results, with 40% of candidates attaining straight A Grades, were the best in the school's 130 year history. “Our overall pass rate of 100% A-E and 86.5% of passes at A and B Grades is the best in the School's history. It is a real reflection of the hard work and determination that the girls have shown throughout their studies.”

*Ipswich School - 96% A-C pass rate, 100% A-E pass rate. Headteacher Ian Galbraith said: “We are used to our students breaking records and this year group has surpassed even the outstanding results achieved last year. With 58.8% of A level passes at Grade A, these are our best results ever.”

*Kesgrave High School - 74% A-C pass rate, 97% A-E. Nigel Burgoyne, headteacher, said: “These excellent results are our best ever and come from a very strong year group. They have done very well and we had 26 students who got straight As.”

*King Edward VI Grammar School, Chelmsford - 98% A-C pass rate, A-E 100%. Assistant head Robert Birke said: “It's very pleasing to see. They have been with us for seven years, most of them, and to grow up from little kids to now go on and have the confidence to do whatever they want to is fantastic.”

*King Edward VI School, Bury St Edmunds - 85% A-C pass rate, 99.2% A-E. Headteacher Geoff Barton said: "We've always insisted we don't want to be an exam factory, these are our best A-level results ever but it is also from a year group who have achieved in sports, debates and drama."

*Kirkley High School, Lowestoft - 50% A-C pass rate, 92% A-E. John Clinton, headteacher, said: “The 2008 results were satisfactory overall. They were slightly down on last year's results and represent consolidation after a period of sustained improvement in previous years. We now need to build further on this platform.”

*Leiston High School - 58% A-C pass rate, 94% A-E. Ian Flintoff, headteacher, said: “These results are close to expectations and are in line with the ability level of the year group. Almost all departments achieved a 100% pass rate and some students with very modest GCSE results have made excellent progress over the last two years.”

*Mildenhall College of Technology - 50% A-C pass rate, 97% A-E. Headteacher Terry Lewis said: “We are very pleased, another improvement on last year.”

*Moulsham High School and Humanities College - 66% A-C pass rate, 97% A-E. Headteacher Dr Chris Nicholls said: "I am delighted with this year's results. They continue to show a significant upward trend, particularly for the higher grades, something for which both staff and students have worked particularly hard."

*New Hall School, Chelmsford - 94% A-C pass rate, 100% A-E. Katherine Jeffrey, principal, said: “From the outset the initiative to take senior boys met with overwhelming support and the school roll reaches 950 this September. The move has enhanced the school in so many ways and now these exceptional A-level re-sults are evidence that the academic performance has continued with its year-on-year improvement.”

*Newmarket College - Pass rates unavailable. Headteacher, Dr Bob Cadwalladr said the “very good” results meant that practically all students have secured their first choice of University place:

“We are tremendously pleased and proud of the achievements of these young people of Newmarket. We wish them success in their university careers. I would like to congratulate the students, parents, staff and the retiring headteacher, Stephen Dart, on their success and thank them for all the hard work that led to today's celebrations.”

*Northgate High School in Ipswich - 80 A-C pass rate, 98.5% A-E. Headteacher Neil Watts said: “It has been an outstanding year, with a grade one in our Ofsted inspection and getting this set of results is fantastic. We have also had one of the largest entries in the county.”

*Orwell High School, Felixstowe - 70% A-C pass rate, A-E 99%. Peter Tomkins, headteacher, said: “These are fantastic results and demonstrate just what the hard work and dedication of both students and teachers can achieve. I am sure all our students will join me in thanking their teachers for all their hard work and inspira-tion. We also need to celebrate the success of students who are leaving the sixth form with qualifications in vocational subjects such as engineering and childcare.''

*Philip Morant School and College - 59% A-C pass, 98% A-E. Sue Cowans, headteacher, said: “The results reflect the strong collaborative work between staff and students, which is the hallmark of the college.”

*Plume School, Maldon - 70% A-C pass rate, 97% A-E. Headteacher Sarah Dignasse said: “'There is a great deal for our students to celebrate and hopefully they will enjoy the success that they have achieved after the hard work and the long wait over the last few weeks.”

*Royal Hospital School, Holbrook - 85.3% A-C pass rate, 100% A-E. Howard Blackett, headmaster, said: “I am very pleased. The proportion of people getting A-C is the highest we have had bar one year (2005). Overall I am very pleased and we had ten pupils who achieved straight As.”

*St Alban's Catholic High School in Ipswich - 74% A-C pass rate, 100% A-E. Headteacher Dennis McGarry said: “Well done to all concerned. This reflects a great deal of hard work and dedication on the part of teaching staff and students. AS-level results also represent a significant improvement on the previous year's results.”

*St Benedict's Catholic School - 83% A-C pass rate, 100% A-E. Paul Rossi, headteacher, said: “We have equalled last year's record year.”

*St Felix School, Southwold - 82% A-C pass rate, and 98.5% A-E pass rate. David Ward, headmaster, said: “We are extremely pleased with the A-level results which reflect the hard work of students and teachers.”

*St Joseph's College, Ipswich - 76% A-C pass rate, 99% A-E pass rate. Sian Grant, principal, said: “Once again we are delighted that the efforts of both our students and staff are reflected in most impressive examination results. Most importantly, St Joseph's College has built up the students' skills allowing them to progress to the next stage of their lives very well prepared for the modern world.”

*Stowmarket High School - 65% A-C pass rate, 97% A-E pass rate. Headteacher Keith Penn said: “We are very pleased with the results achieved by our students this year. The overall pass rate has shown a slight improvement over last year and continues the steady rise over a three-year period.”

*Stowupland High School - 77% A-C pass rate, 99% A-E. Karen Grimes, headteacher, said: “Students at Stowupland have every reason to be proud of their achievements. Their achievement is the result of sustained commitment and determination coupled with the support and dedication of the whole staff.”

*Suffolk New College - 70% A-C pass rate, 98.5% A-E. Marilyn Watsham, deputy principal, said: "We are delighted that the hard work of both students and staff has been rewarded with good A-level results. Our achievement continues to improve year on year and we have an increasing number of our A-level students achieving the high grades that will ensure that they can progress to the careers or universities of their choice.”

*Thetford Grammar School - 91% A-C pass rate, 98% A-E. Gareth Price, headmaster, said: "We are delighted to record our best ever A-level results. Their moti-vation was outstanding and they still continued to combine their studies with an excellent commitment to school life and the world beyond.”

*Thomas Mills High, Framlingham - 70% A-C pass rate, 98% A-E. Colin Hirst, headteacher, said: “These are our best ever results and we are very pleased. Fifteen students have got straight As - there are some very happy faces around today. I'm very grateful to the staff and students for all the work which has been put in.”

*Thomas Paine Sixth Form, Thetford - 92% A-C pass rate, 100% A-E. Director of sixth form Carolyn Dunn said: "We are very, very pleased. It has been a real team effort and it is really good news that all the students have got what they want to go to college or university.”

*Thurston Community College - 79% A-C pass rate, 99% A-E. Thurston Principal Helen Wilson said: “As a fully comprehensive sixth form we are very proud to have achieved highly with 60% of our entrants achieving an A or B grade.”

*West Suffolk College - 71% A-C pass rate, 100% A-E. Phil Thirkettle, vice principal, said this year's results were “outstanding” and he stood by A-levels: “They work very well for the students who take them. We have hundreds of diploma students doing A-level equivalents but A-levels do work for those students taking them.”

*Westbourne Sports College, Ipswich - 44% A-C pass rate, 87% A-E. Chris Edwards, headteacher, said: “We are delighted with our results this year. We have seen a 50% increase in students taking A levels and a 70% increase of A grades both on last year. There were exceptional results in media studies and health and social care.”

*Woodbridge School - 87% A-C pass rate, 99% A-E. Stephen Cole, headteacher, said: ''These are the best results ever for the school and they are the outcome of dedicated, delightful and committed young people enjoying the highest level of teaching.”