A music lesson - but with a difference

, ten, went up and sang a little of So Solid Crew's 21 Seconds. He said he would definitely buy their new single."I really enjoyed it and I wish I was in their band.

TEACHERS MC-ing and pupils singing lyrics from So Solid Crew – when Blazing Squad went to Springfield Junior School it made for a very unusual assembly.

This recently signed group of ten teenage boys sang their new single, Crossroads, which is released on August 9.

The lads looked a little awkward as they came in the hall holding their microphones high, after no doubt many hours watching their idols on MTV.

But once they launched in to their song they relaxed and even got the teachers and pupils involved. Although there was ten of them they worked well together and their voices blended nicely.

Headteacher Mike Garland, said the children really enjoy it: "This is the third time we have had bands come down and perform. It is just a bit of fun and something different for the children to enjoy," he said.

The band performed at Claydon High and Holywells High schools later in the day.

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