A12 petrol station explosion fear drama

A VAN overturned and smashed into a petrol pump at an A12 service station this morning - sparking fears of an explosion.

EMERGENCY services were called after a collision caused a vehicle to overturn and hit a petrol pump.

Police were called to the incident on the A12 at junction 32, near Capel St Mary, at just after 6am today, after a crash between two vehicles in the BP garage.

The East of England Ambulance Service also attended, after the collision, which occurred on the southbound carriageway, left one person with minor injuries.

A spokesman for the ambulance service said “In what could have been a very serious incident, no one was conveyed to hospital.”

The road was left unblocked, however reports suggest that traffic in the area slowed as people attempted to look at the accident.

It is believed that the vehicle was removed from the site at about 7.30am.

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Petrol was unavailable at the garage for over an hour, however fuel has now been restored.