A14 speed cameras catch 50,000 drivers

SPEED cameras at Haughley have helped to reduce the numbers of those killed or seriously injured by more than half, it has been revealed today.

SPEED cameras at Haughley have helped to reduce the numbers of those killed or seriously injured by more than half, it has been revealed today.

And over last five years, 50,000 people have been caught speeding through the road which has now been by-passed by a new section of the A14.

Work by the Highways Agency to build the new road began in June last year and was designed to improve safety along the notorious stretch of road that has caused much controversy over the years.

In the seven-year period before the cameras were installed, there were 26 people either killed or seriously injured, however in the seven years while the cameras were at the site, this dropped to ten people. For the last three years, there have been no crashes in that area resulting in any deaths or serious injuries.

The four fixed cameras, which were situated on the eastbound and westbound carriageways of the A14, have now been removed due to the vast safety and engineering work completed at the site as part of a £32million scheme by the Highways Agency.

Michelle Finnerty, communications manager at Suffolk SafeCam, which is managed by the Suffolk Safety Camera Partnership, said: “The vast majority of drivers understood the need for the reduced speed limit at Haughley but as can be seen from the offence statistics, amazingly many drivers missed all of the accident reduction zone signs, all the 50mph roundels on the road and even the cameras themselves. One has to ask the question, how aware of their surroundings were these drivers?

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“By sticking to the posted limits, drivers will have more time to react to potential hazards and will be less likely to be involved in a collision making them a safer driver.”

John Prigg, former chairman of the Haughley Parish Council, who suggested cameras at the site at a council meeting several years ago, said: “During the time the cameras were there, they did a good job in decreasing the numbers of accidents, injuries and fatalities.”

Work on the final stage of the Highways Agency project is set to be completed by the end of the year.

A Highways Agency spokeswoman said: “We are working hard to complete this £32m safety scheme. The A14 Haughley New Street to Stowmarket improvement scheme has removed a section of road with an incident rate significantly higher than the national average. The new dual carriageway will improve safety and journey time reliability.”

Statistics of offences at Haughley since the launch of Suffolk SafeCam in 2003:-

2003: 7,895

2004: 12,405

2005: 9,789

2006: 8,539

2007: 7,159

2008 (up until August): 4,922

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