A140 crash leaves two people trapped

TWO people were left trapped after a head-on collision on the A140 today.The accident happened at around 3.45pm, 100 yards from the White Horse pub in Stoke Ash.

TWO men are today fighting for their lives after a Green Goddess crew cut them from the wreckage of yet another crash on the notorious A140.

The road was blocked and traffic left in chaos following the head-on accident shortly before 4pm yesterday when a BMW and a Toyota collided about 100 yards from the White Horse Pub.

It was just half a mile from the spot outside Stoke Ash Primary School where a pupil received minor injuries in a crash on Wednesday.

Retained fire crews were called to the scene but had to call for a Green Goddess to assist in cutting the drivers from their cars.

The two men, thought to be in their 50s, were left trapped for more than an hour before a Green Goddess crew were able to free them.

They were both taken to Ipswich Hospital and it is thought their injuries could be serious.

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The road was totally blocked and diversions were put in place. Police closed the road at the Creetings junction and long tailbacks brought rush hour traffic to a standstill.

Flight Lieutenant Owen Crossby was one of the servicemen manning the Green Goddess.

He said: "The retained firefighters were on the scene first, and they required extra help and cutting equipment.

"We helped to cut one of the injured men out of his car and he was then air-lifted to hospital by an RAF Wattisham helicopter."

Flt Sgt Mick Clarkstone said the BMW driver's injuries were severe, and it was the worst incident he had been called to so far.

The accident prompted campaigners to renew their calls for improvements on the A140, including a speed reduction.

Mike Langan, chairman of Stoke Ash and Thwaite parish council said: "We all want this road improved."

The scene of yesterday's accident was almost the same spot where mother-of-three, Kathy Sparkes, was left battling for survival after her car crashed into a lorry and ploughed through the pub's archway back in March last year.

Mrs Sparkes' accident prompted the Evening Star to launch a campaign calling to Make the A140 Safe after a number of accidents on the notorious stretch of road.

Yesterday's smash on the A140 was followed by another in which a driver had to be cut free from their vehicle after it overturned and ended up in a field.

The accident happened on the A1120 main road between Saxham and Mendlesham.

Two fire crews from Stowmarket and Debenham attended the accident at shortly after 9.05pm yesterday and released one person who was trapped.

The casualty was not taken to hospital.

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