Academy battle still goes on

IPSWICH: The battle for Holywells may be over – but the battle to stop other schools in the town becoming academies has just begun.

That is the defiant message today from Holywells teenager James Ager, who organised a meeting at Gainsborough Sports Centre to protest about academy plans at his school.

He said: “I fear we may have come so far with Holywells that there is no turning back, but academies are not the answer for most schools and I want people to know that.

“We need to mobilise people to oppose academies before they start trying to take over other schools in Ipswich – there are other ways of improving schools.”

About 20 to 30 people attended last Thursday’s meeting including parents, pupils, teachers, and representatives of teaching unions.“It was not a great turn out, but it was at least as good as the county got for its consultation meetings,” said 18-year-old James.

A Suffolk County Council spokesperson said: “Jointly with the governing body of the school, Suffolk County Council chose Kunskapsskolan (now the Learning Schools Trust) as the preferred sponsor for the proposed new academy.

“Following endorsement from the then Secretary of State, Kunskapsskolan and the county council developed detailed proposals for the proposed academy. These proposals were published for consultation on 24 May.”

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The responses need to have arrived at Endeavour House by today and the outcome of the consultation will be reported to the County Council’s Cabinet at its meeting on July 20.

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