Adam toasts first year in business

They say a recession is a good time to launch a new business because the only way is up.

IPSWICH: They say a recession is a good time to launch a new business because the only way is up.

A year ago Adam Basil was a victim of the hard-hit property industry, which caused estate agents to cut back on their staffing as house sales declined.

But rather than mope about his misfortune, he decided to launch his own venture.

Dusk Till Dawn drinks, based in Wolsey Street, Ipswich, provides late night/early morning drinks deliveries in the town.

Adam, 25, who lives in Ipswich, said: “The first year has gone really well.

“With the recession we have had to keep our prices down, to compete, but our deliveries have gone up.

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“We employ three people in Ipswich now and we expanding in the New Year to three places in other parts of the country.

“They will still be under this umbrella with the call centre in Ipswich.

“We've even been talking to somebody in Sydney, Australia.”

Customer demands at the moment include seasonal specialities such as Bailey's, mulled wine and champagne.

“Last Christmas we were surprised at how popular champagne was, so we have got extra in this time,” he said.

Adam's advice is not to let the depressed economy put your off - and if you have a good business idea, to give it a go.

“I would go in and see someone like Business Link, which I did, and talk to your bank manager.

“Have a firm plan about how it is going to work and follow it through.

“Ideas are fragile. You need to be single-minded about it.

“This has set me up no end. It has been a very positive experience for me and I have really learned a lot which will be good for me in the future, whatever business I am in.”

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