Airport reassures residents over noise

AIRPORT bosses at Stansted say noise from planes is an issue the air industry is taking very seriously following concerns from residents in Suffolk.

AIRPORT bosses at Stansted say noise from planes is an issue the air industry is taking very seriously following concerns from residents in Suffolk.

Although the airport only has a responsibility to monitor and take action against planes landing and taking off which infringe noise regulations, The Evening Star's Air Fair campaign has revealed people living miles from the airport are affected.

Around 1,200 planes a day are flying over parts of Suffolk - many en route to and from Stansted - and noise from evening and night flights is becoming a growing concern.

With air travel set to rise dramatically in the next 20 years, there will be even more planes in our skies and noise will increase.

More than 100 representatives from the community, schools, airlines, airports and business partners, attended a special one-day conference at Stansted to find out the latest on noise monitoring.

Speakers from NATS, the air traffic services provider, easyjet and Fedex gave an insight into how the airport, airlines and NATS work together to keep noise impact to a minimum.

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Terry Morgan, BAA Stansted's managing director, said: “Here at the airport we are in no doubt that noise is one of the biggest issues in our local community.

“I talk to many people about it, my colleagues are out and about with me in the local community to discuss it, and our noise communications team deals with many enquiries on a day-to-day basis.

“Today is about explaining the good progress we are making in managing noise; to highlight what we are doing to keep people well informed about the issue; to learn more about how the wider industry is taking seriously its responsibility in this important area.”

The seminar also saw the unveiling of new aircraft departure maps, showing routes and heights of planes from Stansted.

Vicki Hughes, BAA Stansted's noise communications manager, said: “It's a fantastic opportunity to share information and help improve understanding of what is a very important issue for many in the local community and surrounding areas.

“We are committed to being open and honest about the flights departing and arriving at Stansted, and that is why I'm really excited about the launch of the new departure maps. In providing this additional information we are able to help the community have a clearer picture of where planes fly when they leave Stansted airport and their typical heights.”

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