All change on the Waterfront

CHILDREN enjoying an ice cream, diners with a glass of wine, students enjoying a walk in the lunch time sunshine, are all common sights around the Ipswich Waterfront.

Around 40 years ago it was a very different place. Engineering works, granaries, maltings and timber yards dominated the area. Huge ships and barges have mostly been replaced by pleasure craft moored by pontoons at marinas. Bob Graham of Holyrood Close, Ipswich, worked at Cranfield’s mill in the late 1960s and took some fascinating photographs from the top of the silo, which stood where “The Mill” tower is today, recording the area towards to the end of its industrial peak. Bob said: “Working at Cranfield’s I had the opportunity to take photographs from the top of a silo. We will never see these scenes again, it was all industry then”.

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