All my stuff and nonsense moved

ISN'T it awful moving? This weekend I said 'goodbye' to my little Ipswich sitting room and said 'hello' to my luxurious salon with sea views (distant, even according to the estate agent) in the Edwardian spa resort of Felixstowe.

ISN'T it awful moving?

This weekend I said 'goodbye' to my little Ipswich sitting room and said 'hello' to my luxurious salon with sea views (distant, even according to the estate agent) in the Edwardian spa resort of Felixstowe.

Apart from a few twigs of furniture I moved:

A bed which had to be lowered out of a window

A sofa and a chair - easier to lift.

A small fridge and a cocktail shaker - indispensable for 6pm martinis.

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I have little else.

Well that's what I thought. I actually managed to fill 24 boxes with stuff. Can you imagine?

I was packing all week, and unpacking again when I realised I had packed what I still needed to use.

There was a time, when I was a younger man and in my more bohemian days, when I could move my belongings in an afternoon in the back of a car - indeed if I forgot to pay the rent this was always handy.

But today, at the ripe of age of 'three-and-one' 31, and after three years dwelling in the same place, I have accumulated what can only be described as things and stuff.

The more random artefacts I have come across include:

A video of Octopussy with Roger Moore as James Bond - where did that come from?

A book on books coming up for sale in Autumn 2005 - I chucked it out

A disturbingly large number of unopened bank and credit card statements - I've kept them out of fear

352 pens - a by-product of journalism.

About £21 in coppers and 5ps in cupboards, boxes, and other cubby holes - might pay for a drink I suppose

Nothing valuable I had forgotten about - typical

Nothing valuable I knew about - typical

A red alice band with antlers - I don't even remember that Christmas party

Undeveloped camera film - I dread to think but probably a wedding I didn't want to go to

Invitations and tickets to things I went to - had to throw out in the name of recycling

A bottle of something called “French Spirits” - mentholated but with an accent

I've managed a spot of paddling in the surf near my new home, but I still haven't unpacked.

I do enjoy a nice bap.

Though I have yet to reach the dizzy heights of celebrity, and wake up to find fellow reporters of a more tabloid nature snooping in my wheelie bins, I fear it is only a matter of time.

So for all those fans out there I have decided to save you the trouble and, just like Julie Andrews, tell you a few of my favourite things.




And of course, also the occasional sandwich.

Often when the pressure that is The Evening Star newsroom gets too great - an event tied to deadlines which coincide with lunchtime, I find myself taking a few moments to visit Arnie the Sarnie in St Nicholas Street, Ipswich.

No sooner have I put my head through the door than he is preparing a chicken tikka on a white bap, and chit chatting about the day's events. I always go back.

Yet I'm not sure he gets the recognition he deserves.

Well today he has. He's my Hero of the Week.

YOU may have noticed with some surprise, that I was passed over once again in this year's Queen's Birthday Honours list.

Shocking though this oversight may be, I suspect it is due to an unfortunate lack on my part of ever achieving anything worthwhile. However, I fail to see why this should be a bar to a tiny OBE.

Her Majesty, who is ever-so-old and marvellous, would, I am sure be just delighted to bestow a nice little gong on me but I suspect she's just been getting the wrong advice.

The lack of CBE or, in fact any letters to grace my name, has been noted.

Tess, the lady who organises The Evening Star's photographic team and is off on holiday to read a book, said: “Funny isn't it James? You haven't got a mention this year and what with you being such a famous and talented celebrity and what have you.

“I just can't understand it. Maybe you'll get one when Camilla is queen? I know you like her. ”

“Maybe” I replied. I'm not upset or anything, and I hope the Queen has a lovely birthday.

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