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OUR Ultimate Guides are the ultimate companions for busy people with busy lives - and they're free and easy to read. Today JAMES MARSTON takes a look at what's on offer.

OUR Ultimate Guides are the ultimate companions for busy people with busy lives - and they're free and easy to read. Today JAMES MARSTON takes a look at what's on offer.

FROM planning the perfect cheeseboard to avoiding vehicle crime, from taking care of your back to tips on house hunting, our new Ultimate Guides have it all.

Jointly published by The Evening Star and our sister paper the East Anglian Daily Times, the Ultimate Guides are a brilliant way of providing all the information you need to help you run your life smoothly.

The Star's commercial editor Jayne Lindill said: “These guides are an excellent way of accessing information at your fingertips. Each has a target readership - those moving house, drivers, horse lovers, those who want to take care of their looks and health and those who enjoy easting out.

“They are compact and stuffed with tips and data so the Ultimate Guides are indispensable for busy people on the go. I am delighted we are able to offer these guides to our readers completely free of charge.”

Pick up your free guides from The Evening Star reception in Lower Brook Street, Ipswich, or selected shops and outlets.

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They include:

Ultimate Guide to Looking Good and Feeling Great

All about the body-beautiful: how to create a healthy body (and mind) how to maintain it and how to pamper it.

This is a 50 page guide with sections including alternative therapies, gyms and fitness, hair care, beauty treatments, healthy eating and foot care. It's also a great advertising resource with advertisers grouped into the above sections as well as a selection of fashion and occasion wear retailers.

Ultimate Guide to Dining

Dining in or dining out, this guide has a wealth of practical information and advice as well as some interesting food facts - Did you know that when you have finished a meal in Germany you should leave your cutlery in the five to five position?

The food detail is complemented with a great selection of advertisers, offering the whole range of dining experiences from Pub Grub to Chic Contemporary via Italian, Thai and Indian.

Ultimate guide to Moving Home

Always a stressful experience, moving house is made easier and more straightforward with this handy guide. It takes you through the process from getting a mortgage and choosing an estate agent to updating the kitchen and bathroom, not forgetting renting a property of course. There is a wealth of advertisers making it easy for you to find the service that you require along with a handy checklist and timeline to ensure a hassle free move.

Ultimate Guide to Motoring

How to buy a car like a pro - what to look for and what rights you have once you've made the purchase. How to sell a car and make sure you get what it's really worth. Where to advertise it and how to haggle with a prospective purchaser. Plus all the other bits that go with car ownership - maintaining it, protecting it, staying safe on the road and in the event of a hiccup, repairing it. With a range of advertisers selling new and used vehicles, maintenance and repair services and eventually scrapping it, this guide provides you with an all-round handbook for your motoring needs.


Everything to do with horses in Suffolk. Even if you don't own a horse you'll find a wealth of useful detail in here about riding schools, events to spectate at, joining campaigns promoting the welfare of horses, etc.

If you own a horse then you'll find this an absolutely invaluable reference guide to the businesses in our area involved in the equestrian industry, from feed to paddock maintenance and vets to dressage training, you're sure to find it here.