Alzheimers patients need care

PEOPLE are living longer. That is very good news.But sadly as more people live longer, more suffer from illnesses of old age - and none of those is more cruel than Alzheimer's Disease.

PEOPLE are living longer. That is very good news.

But sadly as more people live longer, more suffer from illnesses of old age - and none of those is more cruel than Alzheimer's Disease.

Slowly robbing people of their memory and ultimately their dignity, this condition is very distressing for sufferers and probably even more so for their loved ones.

And what makes it especially difficult to deal with is the fact there is no easy cure. What is needed is long-term increasing care - which needs to be in sheltered accommodation, residential homes or even hospital.

And it is vital that these facilities are available for everyone that needs it.

The situation we highlight today where many people with this distressing condition are left in hospital because there is nowhere else for them to go is unacceptable in the long term.

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As a society we have to ensure there are enough appropriate places for an increasing number of people who will need this kind of care in the future.

In the 21st century it is not realistic to expect people to give up their own careers to take care of elderly relatives full time.

Society needs to ensure that there is enough room in care homes to look after all those with Alzheimer's who need that kind of environment. It is not right to leave elderly people in hospital indefinitely.

Care is expensive, but those who need care today are those who helped build the society we now enjoy. It is not acceptable to abandon them in their hour of need.

CANCER is becoming an illness that can be treated increasingly effectively - but many forms are still lethal and research is vital to help find new cures and treatments.

Everyone taking part in yesterday's Race for Life in Ipswich had personal experience of the dreadful legacy of this disease and came together to raise a magnificent £200,000 to help research towards new and more effective treatments.

Everyone who took part in the 5K run was a real hero and has helped us get just a little bit closer to the day when cancer is seen as a manageable disease.

LEWIS Hamilton is Britain's newest sporting hero and his position as one of the top Formula One drivers was cemented by his victory at Montreal yesterday.

It was not just the fact of his victory - coming in only his sixth race - that was astonishing, but the manner of the win was breathtaking.

Three times he built up a huge lead. Three times that lead was whittled away by the arrival of the safety car.

Yet the Hertfordshire rookie held his nerve to win well in a faultless race.

He is clearly the brightest prospect in the future of the sport and can attract a whole new audience to Formula One in a similar way that Tiger Woods has brought new fans to golf.

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