Ambulance struggles to reach accident because of irresponsible double parking in Kesgrave

The East of England Ambulance Service. File photo.

The East of England Ambulance Service. File photo.

Motorists in Grange Farm, Kesgrave, are being urged to park responsibly after an ambulance struggled to reach an emergency because of too many cars parked along the road.

Kesgrave Town Council said it had been made aware of the problem

Kesgrave Town Council said it had been made aware of the problem - Credit: Andrew Partridge

Residents in Curtis Way, off the main Ropes Drive loop running through the estate, reported the issue to Kesgrave Town Council after a crash between two motorbikes left paramedics needing to access the road.

But with the ambulance being wider than a standard car, the emergency services were delayed in getting to the crash because of the number of cars parked along the road.

While both motorcycle riders only suffered minor injuries and did not need taking to hospital, Kesgrave Town Council has said had it been a more serious emergency or a fire, the issue could have had devastating consequences.

A town council spokeswoman said: “Recently a local accident highlighted that some of the newer properties in Kesgrave may not have been provided with enough parking spaces and that roads may be too narrow for everyone to park safely.

“This resulted in the delay of an ambulance reaching casualties and could similarly have caused delay in dealing with a fire and have awful consequences.

“A resident has asked that people be reminded that emergency vehicles are wider and longer than cars and that people should bear this in mind when parking.”

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Most houses in Grange Farm have one parking space available, with homes that have two cars often parking one on the side of the road.

However, the town council recognised that some of the roads developed later on in the estate are too narrow for street parking.

An East of England Ambulance Service spokesman said that while it didn’t receive any direct reports of access issues, having clear roads was vital for its paramedics.

“We always appreciate motorists giving the best access possible to our vehicles because every minute counts in an emergency and we would ask the public to park with consideration,” the spokesman said.

“Considerate parking includes thinking about blind spots for on-coming vehicles, ensuring an ambulance is able to travel through the road without problems, and helping crews park very close to the address we’re called to.”