Anger after allotment vandalism

ALLOTMENT holders in Felixstowe were on the war path today after vandals ran riot through their plots.

ALLOTMENT holders in Felixstowe were on the war path today after vandals ran riot through their plots.

Police are investigating more than 20 incidents of destruction on the Cowpasture allotments off Candlet Road over the weekend.

The yobs, believed to be drunks from the town centre, left a trail of damage in the early hours of the morning in which they:

RAIZED a shed to the ground,

TORCHED a �400 rotavator,

THREW a lawnmower into a greenhouse

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BROKE into sheds.

STABBED a scarecrow,

SMASHED windows,

PUSHED over a shed,

BURNT a petrol strimmer


The true extent of the wreckage began to emerge after firefighters called to tackle a burning shed at around 3.30am on Saturday.

Maurice Barber, chairman of the allotment association, said: “The vandalism has gone from one side to the other. There is no sense to it.

“People work jolly hard up here and some use it to supplement their income, so it is hard to see their possessions destroyed.”

Scenes of crime officers from Suffolk police were drafted in on Saturday morning to conduct forensic tests on more than a dozen acts of vandalism.

But hooligans returned the following night to commit more.

It is believed the suspects may be late-night revellers who are being moved on from the town centre by police and congregating in a nearby car park.

Terence and Patricia Good were clearing up their plot yesterday after their scarecrow was stabbed with what is thought to have been a knife. One of their fence panels was also flattened.

Mr Good, 64, of Lawn Way, Felixstowe, said: “It is soul-destroying. The allotment holders work all year and then some morons come over here and destroy everything. Onions have been thrown all over the path.”

Mrs Good added: “We should get them up here doing community service.”

Anyone with information on these incidents is urged to call Suffolk police on 01473 613500 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

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