Anger growing over road problems in Ipswich town centre

Heavy rush hour traffic in Star Lane, Ipswich. Photograph Simon Parker

Heavy rush hour traffic in Star Lane, Ipswich. Photograph Simon Parker - Credit: Archant

Frustrated drivers have taken to our website to express their anger at road delays in and around Ipswich town centre.

Politicians and business leaders are increasingly concerned the Travel Ipswich programme is doing nothing to make it easier to get around Suffolk’s county town and many blame the changes for making things worse.

One reader wrote: “The whole idea of this idiotic scheme is to make Ipswich impossible to travel around.

“SCC claim it’s making life easier for cyclists and pedestrians. It isn’t, as I can attest being a cyclist myself and having more trouble getting round the town than ever.”

“OldBluey” added: “Why should Tory squires, many of whom live miles from the town, be allowed to cause such chaos in our town?”

“Jayne” wrote: “The problems with the chaotic roads in Ipswich all started when they closed Back Hamlet to down traffic and they closed Rope walk to through traffic.”

Responding to claims this week that Travel Ipswich was a ‘disaster’, the county council said it was necessary as predictions showed that the amount of traffic heading to the town would increase by 15% by 2031.

While Mark Ling felt the controversy showed the need for Ipswich decisions to be taken by those who lived and worked in the borough.

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He wrote: “Very little will change until we have a single, unitary authority for Greater Ipswich, elected by Ipswich people, answerable to Ipswich people.”

There were no comments in support of the Travel Ipswich scheme. “Neil G” summed up many people’s views.

He wrote: “Travel Ipswich has been a total disaster and incredible waste of money from start till now (I was going to say finish which should have happened a long time ago but is obviously still along way off).”