Anger over budget cuts

OPPOSITION members from Endeavour House today reacted with anger after it was confirmed that the Conservative administration would be seeking cuts of £12 million from its social care budget.

OPPOSITION members at Endeavour House in Ipswich today reacted with anger after it was confirmed cuts of £12 million from Suffolk's social care budget would be sought.

Both the Labour and Liberal Democrat parties accused the Conservative administration at the county council's headquarters of targeting the most vulnerable members of society when it looks for cuts in its budget next year.

Labour councillor Roger Bellham said: "The Tories' latest round of cuts has again fallen hardest on the elderly and vulnerable in Suffolk.

“The Conservatives think that the answer to everything is to keep taking and taking from the elderly - it's outrageous."

Meanwhile the Liberal Democrats were also disappointed by the cuts to the social care budget.

Adult care spokesperson Inga Lockington said: "I am disappointed that yet again the administration has chosen to concentrate their cuts on this area of service.

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“The effect these cuts are having on vulnerable adults must be distressing.”

The council's adult care scrutiny committee discussed the cuts and Karen Knight, its Conservative chairman, said: "We will insist on detailed monitoring of the effect of these proposals on people who use services. There are some very hard decisions to make, and some major changes are planned to the way the services are organised.

“However everyone agrees that we must make sure that every pound spent is used to help as many people, including their carers, as possible with good quality support.”

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