Anger over road closure on the east side of town

IPSWICH: Angry residents claim they were not properly consulted about yet another road closure on the east side of town.

As frustration mounts among drivers using the Duke Street roundabout, anger is building over the decision to close Rope Walk to traffic in front of Suffolk New College. This decision was made after the temporary orders put in place during the building work there were made permanent.

And a further section of the road, in front of St Edmund House, is to become a one-way street.

Local residents claim they were not consulted – or their views were ignored – before the closure was made permanent by both the borough and county councils.

Vanessa Andrews, who lives in Grange Road near Rope Walk, said she and her neighbours heard about an exhibition showing the plans only two days before it took place last year.

A meeting was held more recently, but only businesses backing on to Rope Walk and residents of Grimwade Street were invited.

She said: “No one seemed interested in what we had to say – and there were a lot of people who didn’t want the road closed.

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“It seems as if the residents of this part of Ipswich are always being ignored and having their lives made more difficult – it will be much more difficult getting in and out of Grange Road once the Duke Street lights are installed and Back Hamlet becomes one-way.”

Borough transport spokeswoman Tanya De Hoedt said the closure of Rope Walk near Suffolk New College had been promoted by the county council, but was a joint project between the authorities.

She said: “We are aware that the proposal was not agreed by everyone who would be affected, but we are satisfied that everyone was consulted.

“The county council is trying to encourage green travel and it was felt that it was not a good idea to have cars so near to the entrance of Suffolk New College.”

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