Anneli's descent into drugs

ANNELI Alderton's high school best friend today told how the tragic young mother had fought to break away from the drugs and prostitution which marked her descent into hell.

ANNELI Alderton's high school best friend today told how the tragic young mother had fought to break away from the drugs and prostitution which marked her descent into hell.

Former Copleston High student Katy tried on numerous occasions to help Anneli turn her back on those who supplied the drugs which forced her on to Ipswich's streets to sell her body.

Katy, a carer for disabled adults in Ipswich, said: “We tried to keep her away from the people who were supplying the drugs and keeping her in the things that we were into but by then our lives were boring to her.

“It was awful. We tried to help her on numerous occasions. She had attempted to break back into reality but couldn't.

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“Her mum tried to get her out. She fought Anni's case to the bitter end.”

Katy, 24, and Anneli, who was known to friends as Anni, became inseparable after meeting in year seven when Anneli, then 12, returned to England after living with her mother in Cyprus for two years.

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And they stayed in touch after school despite them living very different lives.

Katy said: “She was fluent in Greek. She learnt to speak it in a couple of months. She was ever so intelligent. She wrote in Greek as well.

“Her mum moved back home as well shortly after Anni was back.

“The day we met we just hit it off. I asked her for a pen in a music lesson and we became great friends.

“I had glandular fever for about a year and a half and without fail every day, every break, every lunch, she came to see me and brought me presents. She was such a loving person.

“When I was at school I was being bullied and having a hard time and it was like it was me and Anni against the world.

“She always picked me up and kept me going. Despite all her problems she always spent her time making me feel better.”

When Anni was about 14 her father Roy was diagnosed with lung cancer. His death from the disease was the beginning of Anni's spiral out of control, according to Katy.

She said: “It just hit her really hard. She had a traumatic life before that and that was just the beginning of the end.

“She couldn't face school after that and she got involved with the wrong people.

“She was just a sad girl who took the wrong path but couldn't turn back.

“It started with marijuana from school. I have been told that she came out of prison on crack.”

After living with her father and step mum in Weymouth Road in Ipswich, Anni moved in with her mum Marie Alderton in St John's Road. Later the 24-year-old is believed to have moved to Colchester and her mum moved to Albert Street, Bathside.

Katy said Anneli's mother is now looking after her daughter's six-year-old son Freddy.

She said: “Anni wanted to work to get a stable job and provide a better home for her son. She wanted to be a good mum.

“She was very good with him. He is just so much like Anni. He is her legacy now.”

She is thought to have previously lived with her mother and her partner Tim Smith in Harwich, but neighbours said she had not been there for the past few months. Miss Alderton had also lived in Colchester.

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